My surgical consultation today was pleasant, despite the cumulative four and a half hour wait surrounding it. The resident who interviewed and examined me today will be present at the operation, which is reassuring, as is the coincidence that he reminds me of Holden Caulfield because of the multitude of silver hairs all over his head.

I have to return on Friday afternoon for a consultation with someone from anaesthesia and my actual surgery will be Tuesday next week, the 24th.

Before now I was feeling extremely fearful about having surgery again, but after meeting with the surgeons today I feel much more relaxed about it, especially since the resident with whom I've developed a bit of a rapport will actually be in the operating room that day and so will hopefully see me as the person he spoke with, rather than just a patient devoid of personality and background. I'm actually looking forward to it now, because it should relieve my pain immediately (barring certain complications) and gradually resolve my other symptoms.

I'm going to make an appointment for a mani and pedi sometime before my surgery.
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