I had an interesting, introspective weekend - interesting to me, at least. Since my lunch with Dave on Friday I've been doing a lot of thinking about fear, goals, and living as one's authentic self; I do think on these subjects often, but something he said brought them to mind again, more potently.

My parents and I went to the spring garden sale at the Botanical Gardens where my mother purchased too many plants for my small yard, but which I will relish as I watch them grow, thrive, and bloom; by the time I'm done with it my backyard should be a veritable tropical paradise, shaded by the palms Cathy gave us as well as the collection of tibouchina, tree fern, hibiscus, and other tropical beauties my mom purchased. Since I'm still not supposed to do any heavy lifting I just planted a few of the smaller items in the front, like the Swiss chard, lemon balm, and Greek oregano I selected. I'm trying to grow a good selection of greens throughout the summer so I can cut down on the salad I need to buy, all of which comes in either plastic bags or boxes. Right now I have rows of tiny sprouts of red mustard, shungiku chrysanthemum, and beetberry. I was going to plant cabbages, but those really do better in cooler weather, so I'll wait until autumn.

We went to CPWC's breakfast this morning, but it wasn't really worth writing about; it was what I expected, nothing more or less, devoid of any real highs or lows. The Lamplight Circle meet-up I went to this afternoon, however, was great and I had a wonderful time and feel like I really learned a lot. Ty gave a presentation on Scott Cunningham, who is still absolutely the most accessible Wiccan author, and we discussed our own views of his teachings and our experience(s) with them. It's always good to get together with like-minded people and this meet-up was especially reaffirming and satisfying for me, because Scott Cunningham's books are what really made it clear that Wicca was (and is) the right path for me.

I have a follow-up appointment early tomorrow. I'm a bit apprehensive because I've been having some abdominal pain for the last two days, although it hasn't been nearly as intense as the pain the gallstones caused.

I need to do some research in to how Lamplight Circle can establish a community garden in my neighborhood. I know the space is available, but gaining access to it legally isn't something I know how to do. I also need to write some letters, specifically to Delgado and Touro's emergency department, otherwise I won't be able to move forward.

From: [identity profile] 1tsp-grace.livejournal.com

I'm so jealous of your little salad garden! We have no yard to speak of and what we do have gets absolutely no sun.

Best of luck with your appointment!

From: [identity profile] perfectcherry.livejournal.com

Aw, that's too bad; there are quite a few bulbs that do well in part to full shade, but I'm not sure what area you're in and, of course, it's not the same kind of fun as growing an edible garden. I'm very excited about our little salad garden and I can't wait to post pictures once it really gets going!

From: [identity profile] 1tsp-grace.livejournal.com

I've got a gardenia growing well on my fully shaded back porch so I count myself at least a little bit lucky.

From: [identity profile] maiah912.livejournal.com

Just wanted to say that we received your box of goodies on Friday! Thanks so much again for all of the little items inside. I had no idea you were sending so many things! I'm impressed you were able to stuff it all in there.

From: [identity profile] perfectcherry.livejournal.com

You're very welcome! We were given more little boy clothes than we could ever use, even if we have a boy one time, so I'm happy to share; I hope you can find a few things you really like! I thought the tiny surfer/Hawaiian shirt was adorable, but Ian will look cute however he's dressed.

Congratulations again! I know you and Archie are going to love being parents and Ian is lucky to have a mom and dad like y'all.


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