Along the north wall of our house the flower bed there has become a bulb garden. First my mother dug up all the amaryllis bulbs from around her house and the tiny 1950s ranch next door that would have been destroyed during demolition and renovations to each property, respectively. A few months later some spider lilies popped up in the yard with their bright red-orange, exotic blossoms-- an old fashioned flower that is one of my favorites, but which is no longer popular-- so she dug those up and dropped them off over here in a plastic bag that I found on the side of the house a few days after, so I planted those as soon as I realized it wasn't just a bag of yard debris Carl had left lying around. At the garden sale my mom purchased a few different varieties of day lily-- Hurricane Party (described as "39 inch light, ruffled full red violet, slightly darker around large yellow gold signal"), Clyde Redmond ("30 inch cornflower blue sect with yellow signal"), Web of Intrigue, and Forty Thieves-- and I planted those today in the same raised bed, afraid that they would dry out too much if I waited to plant them while I dug out a new flower bed. I planted Web of Intrigue in the only spot in that bed that can really be considered full sun, because I'm understandably most intrigued by its name and hope to see it bloom next spring; I was able to divide all of the others, most notably Forty Thieves, so I spread those out amongst all the amaryllis and spider lilies (many of the latter are rather sad, straggly and brown because the cats seem to believe they're there to poop on!). If all the bulbs were ever to miraculously bloom at once it would be quite a show, but as it is I should have color there nearly year round and I've been quite impressed by the amaryllis that have bloomed this year, despite the fact that they were only transplanted this winter.
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