I think I may be getting depressed again. I felt terrific throughout my fertility treatments and during pregnancy, which was no doubt due to all the hormones, but now that I'm no longer exclusively breastfeeding I have been having bouts of tearfulness during the day and, during those rare moments when I'm not engaged with Miranda, I feel very listless and lost. I don't want to take prescription anti-depressants, because those always make me feel like I'm made out of cardboard after a while and then I stop taking them, which totally defeats the purpose, but I also don't want to slip in to a serious depression. If I see myself heading down that road I will definitely seek medical intervention, but for now I'm going to try the "activity therapy" route and look in to herbal/holistic supplements/treatments.

Edit: I'm going to stop taking the vitex supplement I began taking a week ago. It may be the culprit.
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