My mom, Miranda, and I will be departing for Denmark this Tuesday! I'm so looking forward to seeing Miranda and Bedstemor meet for the first time, as well as to seeing all my relatives and my lovely cousin Katie who is making a special side trip to Denmark to visit with us all for a week; she will be doing an internship at The Hague this summer, which focuses and expands upon the work she has been doing in water purification (she was in Nigeria last summer!) through Princeton. I know traveling with an infant will be challenging, but I'm looking forward to that, as well, and feel privileged to even have the opportunity to be so "inconvenienced."

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How incredibly exciting. I hope you have a great journey and return with many stories!!!!!!

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Let me know how the traveling goes so I'll kind of know what to expect when I go somewhere w/ ian. Have a great time!!!


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