I have to admit I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, simply because there is so much that I need to put in order before we depart Tuesday. Miranda had a rough day yesterday- she wouldn't eat, she couldn't sleep, and milk alone doesn't seem to fill her up alone anymore- so I wasn't able to get anything done. I still went to my knitting group last night, because I needed to get out of the house and be around other women with lives different from my own; I love getting together with other stay-at-home-moms, but it's refreshing to talk to women whose interests don't include diapers, poop stain removal, or BPA free teething rings.

Fortunately, Miranda seems a lot happier today and even ate most of her breakfast, which I shoveled in around the spoon she was gnawing. At one point she'd gotten ahold of both and wouldn't give up either, so I may have to develop a three-spoon feeding technique.

I'm annoyed with myself, not Miranda, for how little has been getting done lately, because even when she's been completely easy I feel like I haven't been able to actually complete any of my usual tasks. I just feel generally off track, which I suppose is because I've been off my routine. I signed back up with the FlyLady mailing list, but I quit it again because every e-mail reminder seems to include an advertisement (a "testimonial"- I loathe testimonials!) about one of the unnecessary cleaning products sold through the FlyLady website, which really just turns me off; I understand they need to make a buck to keep their website running, but it seems to have gone from genuinely, earnestly helpful to being more interested in keeping their devotees buying their latest product.

It's also at least partly depression that's holding me back, although I feel worlds better than I did a few weeks ago. I'm not on the verge of tears on a daily, or even weekly basis, any more, but I'm definitely still feeling a general malaise that really bothers me and for which I need to find a solution. I'm not yet ready to seek a pharmaceutical remedy, and hopefully I won't need one, but I do need to find some solution.

Well, enough of that.

My garden greens are still delicious, although my Swiss chard has fed a large family of some sort of striped inch worm, and I'm looking forward to eating another big harvest of spicy mustard greens again tonight and knowing that I'll have another healthy harvest to enjoy with I return from Denmark! As long as Carl keeps the plants watered, that is.

The first Lilliput zinnias have popped in to colorful bloom, brightening the front flower bed with their cheerful red, pink, or salmon-colored pompoms. One of my sunflowers has begun to open and I'm interested to see just which type it is- the mammoth, seedy Russian or the unusual chartreuse.

I've got a few nasturtiums popping up where my catnip was and I'm looking forward to adding their slightly spicy, colorful blooms to my salads, a few of which should be ready by the time I get back.

I had a seed tray disaster in the backyard, so all my tiny sprouts are gone, but I have more of most of those seeds, so I'll just start them again when I get back. I don't have any more Love-Lies-Bleeding, but I already have a different amaranth in the front flower bed that I'm going to relocate before I fly out Tuesday morning, so I can enjoy it in place of the Love-Lies-Bleeding. Besides, there's always next spring!
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