enduringplum: (Brown Sugar)
( Jan. 15th, 2009 12:11 am)
- spent yesterday walking around downtown, trying to get to the LSU Medical Center to get set up with the "yellow card" for free health care for poor folks; as I was walking around in the cold, crisp, bright and dark day I felt like I was looking out through someone else's eyes, not living my own life

- Miranda has her MRI in the morning; I'm not sure what to expect with the anesthesia, but I feel she will be in good hands

- actually made it to my knitting group tonight and got a third of the way done with a scarf for my mom

- my mom is leaving for Germany on Saturday and will be there for fifteen days; I hope to have said scarf done before Saturday

- if I want my gallbladder examined, let alone removed, before sometime in May I will have to suffer another attack and go to the LSU Medical Center ER

- I don't want to suffer another attack

- ferret bowling is still fun and Orbit gives funky kisses


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