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( Feb. 5th, 2009 04:46 pm)
1. get dressed to shoes every morning <- harder than it may seem!

2. write a page every day <- this is a work in progress and I'm doing fairly well with it; next month I should make it specifically "write a journal page, page of fiction, or complete a writing exercise everyday"

3. practice yoga twice weekly <- I want to work up slowly to having a daily practice again, but finding the time and making the space are proving to be the biggest obstacles.

4.begin untangling Delgado financial mess <- this will probably take more than a month to complete, but it's got to be done

5. continue making a place for everything and keeping everything in its place <- extremely important for my sanity, especially if Doug ever makes it down here; I'm making good progress on this, so it's just a matter of gradually improving as I go along

6. finish an incomplete knit project <- I've got a bunch of these lying around that I began when I was pregnant

7. get to bed by eleven-thirty every night <- I often stay up looooong after Miranda and Carl have fallen asleep to "finally get things done," as I'm sure many other mothers do, but it's got to stop.

8. put Miranda down for a nap every day <- I don't believe in letting babies "cry it out," so this one is contingent on her mood

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I'm extremely pleased that Carlos Mencia was removed from Orpheus. I still hurt when I think about Hurricane Katrina and the lingering effects and I remember watching the episode of his terribad show when it first aired, while I was still without a home and still wondering what had become of my loved ones, so I don't want him participating in one of the greatest cultural experiences New Orleans has to offer, at least not in such a prestigious position.

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