While I was nursing Miranda this afternoon, who was doing her nip and nap routine, and letting the roast bake I was doing a lot of reading online. Most of it was about introducing food to babies and was very educational, but somewhere in hopping from one 'page to another, I came across this blog in which one woman chronicles her ongoing quest to live a life free of plastic, which I think is awesome. I backslide pretty often with my attempts to live conscientiously, but it's still an ongoing process and I would absolutely like to reduce the amount of waste my household produces. Her list of alternatives looks like a good place to start the plastic purging process.

There are some easy solutions for me, like no longer buying acrylic yarn or plastic knitting needles, remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store, ditching the plastic produce bags, and continuing to buy in bulk whenever possible, but others will be more tricky, due to budget constraints as much as anything else, but that doesn't make it impossible - it will just mean we'll have to be even more careful about budgeting and saving.


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