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( May. 14th, 2009 09:43 am)
Travel Prep, Baby Stuff, Whining, Etc. )

Well, enough of that.

My garden greens are still delicious, although my Swiss chard has fed a large family of some sort of striped inch worm, and I'm looking forward to eating another big harvest of spicy mustard greens again tonight and knowing that I'll have another healthy harvest to enjoy with I return from Denmark! As long as Carl keeps the plants watered, that is.

The first Lilliput zinnias have popped in to colorful bloom, brightening the front flower bed with their cheerful red, pink, or salmon-colored pompoms. One of my sunflowers has begun to open and I'm interested to see just which type it is- the mammoth, seedy Russian or the unusual chartreuse.

I've got a few nasturtiums popping up where my catnip was and I'm looking forward to adding their slightly spicy, colorful blooms to my salads, a few of which should be ready by the time I get back.

I had a seed tray disaster in the backyard, so all my tiny sprouts are gone, but I have more of most of those seeds, so I'll just start them again when I get back. I don't have any more Love-Lies-Bleeding, but I already have a different amaranth in the front flower bed that I'm going to relocate before I fly out Tuesday morning, so I can enjoy it in place of the Love-Lies-Bleeding. Besides, there's always next spring!


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