We haven't had a truly dark and stormy night in a while, but hoping for that sort of thing makes me worry that I might help a big, bad hurricane brew up; a little Cat 1 or 2, I can handle, but I worry about anything bigger, especially since some of our flood walls were "repaired" with newspaper... Thanks to the Corps of Engineers for that.

I finished another quilt block by hand this afternoon. It came out much more accurately than my last block, which was just slightly smaller than it should have been because I made (what I imagine) are typical beginner's mistakes. Today I sewed one of my Log Cabin block pieces on the wrong way, but that only took a few minutes with a seam ripper and my needle and thread to fix.

I was going to go to my knitting group (NOLA Stitch N Bitch), but I was just too tired after dinner to trust myself to drive; I miss seeing my group, so I really need to make the extra effort to see them next week. Since I'm staying in, I'm going to go ahead and scrub the ferrets' cage tonight instead of waiting 'til tomorrow, then cut out the rest of my quilt blocks. I may piece some more together, but if I'm too tired I'll just do them on my mom's machine when I pay her a visit tomorrow, then I can get to the sashing and I'll be nearly finished!

I'm going to make a tote bag as my second project, but I'm going to add a simple applique design to what I will consider the front of the bag, so that I can practice that technique. I plan to use three different batiks.

I feel guilty for staying indoors so much, because Conrad seems so bored. He really needs more exercise, but the heat and sunny weather has been extremely hard on me lately, so I haven't been able to walk him, even in the evenings. I don't feel comfortable walking around our neighborhood at night, although I don't necessarily feel like I would be in danger, so Conrad just hasn't had enough to do with himself. I have to vacuum the pool tomorrow and re-balance the chemicals (since it rained tonight), so we'll get to spend some time outdoors in the morning (Conrad won't stay outside without me for longer than twenty to forty minutes and follows me from room to room even when we're in the house together), but I will be in long sleeves, a baseball cap, and covered in sun block, and I'll only work on the pool for as long as it's in the shade; I've had a very bad case of red cheeks this week, including raised, flat bumps that are not acne and which have always been brought on by exposure to heat and/or bright sunlight since I was a teenager. I need to remember to clip his toe nails tomorrow, too.

The ferrets are having an excellent time playing in their new fortress in the hallway, which is the shipping box the crib bedding was in. They're all healthy and seem as happy as ever, but Orbit is having some thinning of the hair on the tip of his tail, so I need to bring him to the vet to have him checked out for adrenal gland disease. Because of his advanced age, I would not be surprised if he has developed it.
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( May. 12th, 2008 10:21 am)
I've been obsessing about quilting lately, as you probably know, and while I was looking for tips about how to design a quilt myself (I have ideas, but I'm not getting ahead of myself! I am going to follow patterns before I try to dive right in to designing something that will undoubtedly be rather complicated) when I found a website of amazing quilts intended to be wall hangings. I'm sure there are plenty of other quilt designers out there who make quilting a fine art, but so far the quilts at Painted Rock Quilt Designs are the coolest I've come across online. Here is a link to the gallery, I think you should take a few minutes to check it out.

Calvin )
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( May. 11th, 2008 09:41 pm)
My mom called me around eight this morning, saying that Calvin was doing poorly, so we should come over to help move him outside so he could relieve himself. When we got to the house, he was lying on the lawn beside my dad, where he had been able to relieve himself and looked alert, but he was unable to walk or stand. When we brought him back in, we put him on his bed and he just sat, looking around, and seeming to enjoy the attention. My mom and I then made a quick trip to the Whole Foods for some Arsenicum Album that the homeopathic veterinarian recommended we give him. After we gave him the herbal remedy, he seemed like he was finally able to relax, although his breathing was still very labored and he was still refusing all food and water. Around ten-thirty in the morning he seized up briefly, his breathing stopped, and Calvin died, but it was very quick and did not seem painful; he would have been fourteen years old this summer.
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( May. 9th, 2008 06:13 pm)
The baby gate someone from LJ community Carpet_Sharks recommended is working out great, although without the wall hardware it wouldn't be sturdy enough to resist being toppled over by a toddler. I want to install it in the arch between the kitchen and dining room and buy a second one for the doorway between the kitchen and the hall. They've been enjoying the extra time they've been getting out of their cage, as well as the hour or two early in the morning I give them on the patio; they're still in their cage and can't stay out once it begins to warm up, but they seem to enjoy sniffing the great outdoors.

Actual Crafting )

I hope the old adage "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" isn't true, because I can't pick just one creative pursuit - I love them all.
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( May. 2nd, 2008 02:46 pm)
I'm feeling better after my two-day surge of intense emotions; now not every little thing seems like it heralds the end of the world and I was able to get some errands done around town. I forgot to do a couple things, but I blame that on my pregnancy-induced brain shrinkage, so it's no thing.

I asked for some recommendations from Carpet_Sharks, a LJ ferret lover's community, for baby gates that will be safe and effective for both a crawler/toddler and my ferrets. I got a good recommendation from a woman who has had personal experience with this particular problem, so I'm going to run out to Babies "R" Us to grab it this weekend (I meant to do it today, but forgot).

My biggest concern about having a baby and remaining the owner of three ferrets is providing the ferrets with enough out-of-cage play time, which is at least three hours a day. Once we have a baby, I won't have even remotely enough time to supervise them the entire time, which is mainly why I've been looking in to finding a new home for Trixie and Spook.

I also meant to stop by the craft store for some jars and paper craft supplies, but I was hungry at that point, so all I could focus on was getting home and getting fed. I want to make my own mustard, so I need some small glass jars that can be sterilized and I would also like some larger glass jars for the salt-, sugar-, and coffee-scrubs I like to make.
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( May. 1st, 2008 11:07 am)
I'm pretty sure I got a camera ticket yesterday. I harbor an unbelievable hatred for those things, because I don't even speed and yet I can't stop on a dime if the light turns yellow just as I drive up to it, but I also can't cross the intersection before it turns red and the camera snaps a picture! I don't understand how this is at all safe.

I've made the decision to look in to finding Spooky and Trixie a new home, because I believe that keeping up with three ferrets and a baby will be too much for me. Trixie and Spook are very closely bonded, so they need to go to the same home; I'll keep Orbit because he's nearly seven years old and he's much more attached to me than the younger ferrets. I'll miss my ferrets and I'll always worry about them, but I've got to take this step if I can find them a good, loving home where they'll get plenty of affection, play time, and, if they need it, gentle discipline.

Between the ticket, the ferrets, my lack of a washer and dryer, the fact that Carl is going to be working yet another ten hour day, and my wacky pregnancy emotions, I'm having a pretty rough Beltane. After our handyman comes by to finish the plumbing where he uninstalled the garbage disposal, I'll try to get outside to plant my amaryllis bulbs and some of my zinnia seeds.
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 11:37 pm)
This evening, Kira just reappeared. My dad called to say he thought he saw her outside as he was driving off, so I went to have a look while trying to convince myself it was just the orange tabby stray in the neighborhood (so I wouldn't be too disappointed if it really was just the stray). I didn't see her, so I called for her and she came running, meowing like she was trying to tell me all about it and just generally seeming a little freaked out. She was dirtier than usual and a bit thinner, but otherwise looked alright, so I'm not sure where she was or what she was doing; I still tend to think one of my neighbors was keeping her inside, because I've had that happen with several of my cats.

I'm going to keep her inside until I can get her a new collar and name tag and I'm going to make an appointment to have her and Musashi, my Siamese, micro-chipped. Our black cat, Sterling, is already micro-chipped and it really makes me feel better, although he's never disappeared on us.

I spent all day calling around to different animal hospitals, wandering the neighborhood calling for her, and paying a vist to our local SPCA; tomorrow I will have to give them a call to let them know she found her way home. They had a lot of orange cats that had been picked up recently, but none of them looked even remotely like my Kira Cat. I can't tell you how relieved I am that she's home with us again; I honestly have not slept since the day after Thanksgiving, when I noticed she'd been gone for an unusually long time. Now, she's sleeping next to me on our computer desk, purring to herself the way she always does.

It's good to have Missy K back!
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 09:16 am)
Kira, my little pink cat, is missing; I haven't seen her since before Thanksgiving and now I've really started to worry. She's not like Musashi, who gets taken in by strangers and just lives with them for weeks at a time; Kira has never gone missing for even a few days in all the time I've had her, although I've sometimes gone without seeing her for a few days as she spends most of her time outside. I checked inside my parents' abandoned house next door, but I didn't see or hear her, and I called around the neighborhood without getting any response. This evening I'll ask some of my neighbors if they've seen her. I'm hoping one of them has just taken her inside, thinking they were doing a good deed, although why people do that for cats wearing collars that don't belong to them, I'll never know; I have never treated another person's pet like it was my own.
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( Jun. 7th, 2007 01:12 pm)
I miss my little demons when I don't get to play with them all week! I haven't been taking them out of their cage nearly often enough, but today they're running around, playing, tormenting the dog, and trying to eat my chocolate!

I tried to take a picture of Spook on my mom's MacBook (which I'm borrowing), but he's way too quick for its built-in camera. All I took was a photo of a fuzzy, white blur.
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( Oct. 18th, 2003 11:14 pm)
Before I left for work this morning I checked on Bastian, I gave him food and water mixed with Pedialyte (to help prevent dehydration) by hand, and cleaned up his newspapers. When I got home this evening he was curled up like he was sleeping, but he was obviously not breathing. I checked for any pulse and felt how warm he was-- he had only died recently, within the hour. Carl and I then drove to my parents house and there I comitted his soul to the Earth, sending with him my love and regrets, although I had few. I only wish I had been able to spend more time with him while he was healthy, but I am relieved that he didn't suffer for very long and that I didn't actually need to have him euthanized.
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( Oct. 18th, 2003 01:31 am)
I'm pretty certain that my oldest ferret, Bastian, is dying. Although I know I've taken very good care of him and that he has lived longer than the average ferret does, I can't help but feel horribly guilty, like there was something obvious I could have been doing this entire time to extend his lifespan and prevent all suffering. I know that no one is perfect and no pet owner is perfect, but it just seems like I should be. Now that I'm typing this I can clearly see how absurd that statement is, but there's still that niggling guilt at the back of my mind that maybe I wasn't good enough to Bastian. Honestly, I do take care of my pets very well: I give them attention and play time daily, I keep their food and water fresh, I give them vitamins and groom them regularly, and I take them to the vet at any sign of illness and for all their regular checkups, the only thing I ever slack on is emptying their litter boxes every day. I still feel so horrible every time any of my pets gets sick and dies that I can't help but wonder why I feel this way and what can happen to change these feelings.
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( Oct. 15th, 2003 09:22 pm)
Bastian is still not feeling well at all and I have to check on him several times a day to make sure that he's drinking enough water or else he gets dehydrated; when I get paid tomorrow I'll buy him some Pedialyte to mix with his water. I'm relieved that Veil is well again, she's put on weight and springs around just as energetically as my two big boys, Lucky and Orbit.

Last night I dreamed of a friend of mine who had heart surgery on Monday. I heard his surgery had gone well, but I haven't called to check in with him because I don't want to disturb him.

This morning when I got out of bed, as soon as I straightened up I felt a horrible, searing pain and tightness in my abdomen around the area of my ovaries. I laid back down immediately and it subsided after a few minutes, but when I sat up or moved I would hurt again so I stayed home from work and downed the last few pain pills I had left over from when I had West Nile disease. I absolutely hate missing work, even when I really don't have a choice about it, like this morning. I just feel guilty because I'm not doing my job and I believe very much in doing a good job no matter how you're employed.
Bastian is so ill that I'm uncomfortable with having him in the same room as the other ferrets, so I've made him a new home out of a laundry basket which I am keeping at the foot of the bed, so that Bastian will be near me all through the night. All the symptoms he's suffering indicate old age, but also possible cancer of the lymphatic system, which, at his age, means almost certain death; Even if I could afford the chemotherapy it is unlikely that little, old Bastian would survive. I'm going to make Bastian as comfortable as I can until the day he dies or until his quality of life is so poor that I am forced to have him put to sleep. It makes me sad to see Bastian so debilitated... he's just such a sweet, simple little fellow that it seems like it should be impossible for him to suffer! I am happy to note that he doesn't seem to be in any pain whatsoever. At least that's something.
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( Oct. 13th, 2003 08:24 pm)
My computer is FINALLY up and running (properly) again: I had to have a friend reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows, but I'm back and my computer's not crashing every few minutes!!! I rid myself of all the programs I didn't use or only used very infrequently; it boggles the mind how much spyware was clogging up my RAM. Since almost all of my downloads for The Sims are now lost forever (but I don't really mind that because so many of them were utter crap) I spent a few hours this evening after I got home from work just downloading new, cool objects from TheSims.com and 7DeadlySims.com, it was definately worth my while, but I still have a lot of searching to do for more nifty-swifty objects.

Today at work Mrs. Varisco, my former photography teacher at NOCCA, came by to buy a few books on physics and we were able to chat for a while. It was really enjoyable to talk to her, she was always one of my favorite teachers and she's still such a nice, sharply-intelligent woman that I really love being around her and hearing what she has to say; she definitely made a big impression on my while I was in high school. She recommended to me a book about art and physics, but I can't quite recall the title, although it is one we stock at Borders.

My kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous and has for the last couple of weeks, next we're tackling the office; my desk is already mostly cleaned and organized, but there's still a lot to be done!

My little, old ferret Bastian isn't feeling well at all. Last night he had diarrhea-- all over my foot and leg!-- and he's got a runny nose and he's also lost a lot of hair. Bastian is nearly eight years old, which is often about as old as ferrets ever get, so it's understandable that he should be having health problems now, but I still worry about him. I've changed his diet and I'm feeding him "duck soup" to help him recuperate from his cold.
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( Sep. 24th, 2003 02:21 pm)
I love piercings and I can't go for more than six months before I start to crave a new one, but with my current money situation (all of the money I have is going straight to my ferrets' health problems) I can't afford the nipple piercings I want and my health problems prevent me from getting any genital piercings, I just don't want doctor's asking me about the metal jammed through flesh down there (doctor's are usually idiotically conservative about things like that!); in light of those circumstances I'm considering having my navel pierced for a second time, this time on the bottom-- an inverse navel piercing. I've never seen one firsthand, but I have seen a lot of pictures and I think they look really pretty. Granted, I wouldn't be able to wear belly shields in either my top or bottom piercing if I have it done, but I think belly shields look stupid anyway.

In other news... it looks like Orbit isn't going to need any more medical attention for his gross butt disorder, but I'll still need to keep an eye on it. Yuck.
Veil, however, is another problem entirely, she'll probably need surgery but right now she's too small to undergo surgery without great risk of death, so I'll be putting her on a very rich diet starting today.
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( Sep. 23rd, 2003 12:59 pm)
It seems like I'm getting whiter, I've always been pale but lately when I look in the mirror my face seems to have no colour besides the almost purple circles under my eyes-- just black eyes in a white face, I can almost forget to see my lips.
I think not going to work is definitely bad for me, when I have a lot of free time I always grow very weary, very depressed. Being sick and not knowing why doesn't help my mood any, but I know it's not really that. It's mainly that I haven't been drawing or learning and without a job; I can't afford to get Orbit the treatment he needs, although he is doing much better since he's been here and on antibiotics. My little, white ferret, Veil, seems like she's having some adrenal glad problems: she's very thin (even smaller than she usually is), lethargic, and she's loosing the hair along her spine.
I don't think I'm going to lose it, but I am making myself nervous. Lately when I shower I've fantasized about cutting my legs with my razor, but then I think about how I really would need something more suitable with which to cut myself and that's when I snap out of it , then I usually almost start crying, but instead of crying I just get out of the shower and go lay in bed, naked and still wet, feeling numb. I did this again just last week and I thought about telling Carl to come check on me if I've been in the shower for too long, but I take such long showers that I don't know if he'd be able to distinguish what "too long" is. I should let him know anyway, I guess, but I just don't want him to worry about me, especially because I know I'm not ever going to be a real danger to myself again-- I went through all of that when I was in junior high-- I'm done with that now.
I feel better as long as I'm distracted, by games or going places with my friends, but as long as I have quiet time alone to think I start to feel miserable.
On the last Thursday of August I drove up to Atlanta with Carl and G-, Allen's best friend, to attend DragonCon, the largest general SciFi convention in the U.S. and the only decent one anywhere in the South. Although I've been to a lot of conventions, but mainly just here in New Orleans, this was my first DragonCon so it was a very big deal to Carl that I go with him this time. I would have gone with him last year when we first started seeing eachother, but I was stuck in bed for a week sick with West Nile Disease (it's not nearly as much fun as it sounds) so wading through a bunch of freaks and geeks at a con was the last thing I wanted to do (well, maybe not THE absolute last thing); He did bring me back an autographed picture of Boba Fett from that year's con, which I cherish (I suffer from a sick, twisted Boba Fett fetish).
Overall, I had a really good time at my fist DragonCon even though I didn't have a whole lot of money to spend on all the nifty stuff I wanted (I never do, but hey, stuff isn't the most important thing in life), but I did get a few cool board games (I'm absolutely nuts about board games) and several stashes of Icehouse pyramids which can be used to play a multitude of different very fun and addictive games (www.looneylabs.com). I also bought a toy Mokona, the little, magical rabbit-like creature from Magic Knights Rayearth and a statuette of the Golden Age Catwoman (I'm also completely fascinated by Catwoman, but not quite in the same way that I am by Boba Fett-- he's so hot); It's difficult to find cool Catwoman merchandise, she's just not as popular as she should be despite having had her own title for years. I also picked up some small gifts for friends who could not attend, but who really would have had a fantastic time at the convention, just to let them know that I was thinking of them while I was there. I didn't attend many sessions while at DragonCon, but I did stop in on a few relating to the comic books industry; Most of the time I just played in the games hall with strangers or hung around with various Looney Labs volunteers learning new pyramid games.
If I can I will definitely attend next years' DragonCon, but that depends on how much time off from work I can afford to take.
In fact, the only experience I had at the convention that sucked was an argument between myself and Carl, which started because he doesn't like it when people ask him "what's wrong." Apparently by the time I asked so many other people had already asked him that he just lost it and blew his top with me. It was incredibly inappropriate and very abusive, especially since I was only voicing concern about his feelings and had done nothing to incur such a violent reaction. He made some very mean, nasty comments, which is completely uncharacteristic for him. I was so shocked and hurt that I told him immediately that I wasn't sure I wanted to continue living with someone who could act so hurtfully. As soon as I hinted that I might leave him as soon as we got back to New Orleans, he made an effort to calm down and actually thought about how he was acting, then we were able to talk about what had just happened and he apologized profusely. Apologies just don't mean that much to me, however, so even though I accepted his apology sincerely I made it clear that it was still up in the air as to whether we would remain in our current situation or not. In fact, even though we have worked out all the issues wrapped up in that argument and he has apologized sincerely on multiple occasions, it is still known that our living arrangement may drastically change once I go back to school. Carl's a wonderful man and I've never experienced that side of him before, but it's unacceptable that I should need to worry about some day possibly feeling that kind of ugliness ever again and I won't stand for it. Perhaps I'm expecting too much from one man, but I only expect from others what I expect of myself.

Orbit came to live with us on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Orbit is a silver mitt Gib (a neutered male ferret) who is suffering with a prolapsed rectum, which is why the pet store that owned him gave him to me. I've been treating his rectum with hemorrhoid cream and feeding him soft food and he seems to have already greatly improved. I think all Orbit really needs is a solid routine, less stress, and attention from a loving owner to get better, but I'm still taking him to the vet on Tuesday. Hopefully Orbit's condition won't require surgery, but if it does I'm sure I can scrounge up the money I'll need for it in time. Orbit's too sweet, well-mannered, and funny to be allowed to suffer like he was at the pet store.

The very next day after Orbit came to live with us, Carl's co-worker dropped off a fourteen-week-old, pinkish-orange, female mackerel tabby kitten with green-gold eyes to live with us, as well. After I got to know her for a little while I decided on the name Kira, which, according to one translation, means 'sun.' Kira has adapted quite well to life here amongst the animals and Musashi, my Siamese cat, has finally adjusted to Kira. At first he was so terrified of the little kitten that he would go limp or cower if she came too close, now she's still the boss, but Musashi and she also play and sleep together, it's very sweet.
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( Aug. 26th, 2003 08:54 pm)
Last night I went to Laser Tag with Carl, Triple_Phoenix, and her little sister, Switchknives. Once there we met of with the usual gang of suspects, TheUglyKnight, The Twins, Andre, and the rest of those nerds and freaks. I was surprised that Carl's little sister and her best friend weren't there; I always enjoy playing with them.
Unfortunately because of my illness I can't engage in any sports activities as energetically as I like to, Laser Tag is no exception. I was previously such a good Laser Tag player and such a pooular person at the arena that I was called "Laser Tag's Sweetheart," which I didn't mind at all. I'm not accustomed to so much inactivity and I find it really frustrating! No Yoga, no martial arts! In fact, sometimes I'm in so much pain that I can barely walk around. I guess I'm lucky that I love to read as much as I do.
Speaking of reading, my book group and I are reading my first selection, Egalia's Daughters, a feminist satire. So far, TheUglyKnight, the only male member of our intimate, little reader's circle, is having a hard time getting past the awareness that it is feminist writing, which is making it difficult for him to objectively understand and enjoy Egalia's Daughters, but I'm sure we'll talk all about that on our next meeting on the last Sunday of September.
A coworker of Carl's best friend, G-, is giving me a kitten that she found. Since I already have so many pets I wouldn't usually adopt a new one so readily, but G-'s manager already had the kitten spayed, dewormed, and given all of her shots, so I won't need to pay the expense myself. Besides, my cat, Musashi, needs a friend and I think the little ginger cat will be a good companion for him; Now I only need to come up with a name for her.


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