The last few days have been very busy, but not at all in a bad way. I got our passports (Miranda has the cutest passport I've ever seen!), bought every little thing I anticipate needing during our trip, became the head of "neighborhood beautification" for the Seabrook home owner's association, did a lot all around the house, and had lunch with my mom twice. Kat, aka Triple_Phoenix, helped me clean the house to a point that I don't feel like I'm going to lose my mind, which was a huge relief. I still need to clean up the lovely nail polish art the cats created especially for me all over the bathroom floor, walls, vanity, and bathtub, but if it must that can wait until I get back, because it's not getting any drier.

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So, that's it, really. It's amazing how much time so few things can take up, but I guess that's just relativity for you. I'm looking forward to the dream Magick meet-up tomorrow and then to departing Tuesday afternoon!
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( May. 8th, 2009 11:04 am)
I'd like to be able to walk to more places in my neighborhood. I can walk to the pharmacy and the grocery store, but I never walk to the grocery store because I always come home with too much to carry in just a bag - I need to start making smaller, more frequent trips. There are plenty of restaurants in my neighborhood that are pretty good - the fried oyster po-boys at the daiquiri shop are delish!- and I could go to school in the neighborhood if I can get together the money for UNO, to which I could easily walk or bike! I don't believe they have an ASL program, but I should investigate it, especially if I can get any grant money for school - that's something else to investigate. Of course, I have to really decide if I want to go back to school at all, because I'm not entirely sure I do, but I do feel that I will remain unsatisfied with my current level of education until I get a degree... but I digress!

I think that the "walkability" of one's neighborhood is very important and, if it weren't for the yearly threat of hurricanes, which so often require us to evacuate, I would more seriously consider becoming a one car family. I checked out my neighborhood's walk score on and it only got a measly forty-five, about halfway between great and terrible, which is only a little worse than I thought.

Part of the gradual "greening" (I really am ambivalent about that term!) is eliminating plastic from my life, changing the way I think about the purchases I make, making/growing more at home, and reducing other forms of waste, like wasted fuel, which means less driving and more walking. Plus walking's good for you and I could certainly use the exercise.

Reducing our impact on our environment is a way to be good to the planet, which is a way to be good to ourselves and future generations. If you're interested in improving public transportation, I suggest you check out the gossip about the 2009 Transportation Bill; here's a petition if you'd like to get involved, but don't have the time to do it on more personal level:
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 10:05 pm)
I think the most challenging part of my vow to avoid plastic wherever possible is that it is going to force me to think so differently. For example, at the store a few days ago I avoided putting my produce in to plastic produce bags (it's going to get washed when I get home, anyway!), but I bought a piece of salmon packaged on styrofoam and shrink-wrapped when I could have bought a piece of the same fish from behind the glass and just have it wrapped in paper. I'm moving slowly on this, because we share our life with a lot of plastic right now, most of which will eventually wind up in a landfill, but I'm glad I've made the decision to live more thoughtfully and, really, it's a positive change that anyone can make.

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