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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 06:53 pm)

I'm finally able to get online with my laptop! Woot!

Thanks, Mischa!

Apparently my roommate and I were too computer illiterate to figure out why it wouldn't connect, because it took Mischa all of two minutes to discover and correct the problem. I don't care-- I'm just glad to be able to get online while all four of the other computers in the house are being used to feed each resident's rather serious WoW addiction.

Mischa and Cat are both really fun people and I'm excited that they're planning to move back here next year, although whenever Mischa comes around he introduces me to at least a few games I've never played and then simply must have! That's not necessarily a bad thing, since I love games, but I ain't got no money. In just two days, so far I simply must find a copy of Can't Stop, Hey, that's My Fish!, and Category 5; Category 5 is a title that makes me unhappy, but it's a fun game that is more intriguing with four or five people, but which can be played as many as ten.

I used to have about a hundred different board games and card games, but, as with almost everything else, I lost all those to Hurricane Katrina. It doesn't bother me like it did immediately after The Storm; still, it is frustrating and I haven't begun replacing my games yet, although I did pick up a few from the last Dragon Con. However, I am glad that the hurricane gave me a chance to get rid of the games I didn't really like, like Mammoth Hunters and Taj Mahal. Speaking of Dragon Con, Mischa and Cat also brought me another game I fell in love with at Dragon Con: Jungle Speed! While a group of us were playing it last night, [profile] triple_phoenix Buddha Palmed the hell out of my thumb nail, which is cracked and bloody, but that's how it goes with Jungle Speed.


We have Allen's* computer set up upstairs, in our room now, so I'll no doubt be signed on to AIM constantly- whether I'm actually at the computer or not. It's a little bit of normalcy for me, so it makes me happy. The only part of the computer that's actually ours is the hard drive; We're using a monitor Roger, Nyssa's dad, had lying around in the attic here and a mouse and keyboard Allen brought from work. At least, I assume he got them from his office.
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( Aug. 11th, 2005 12:49 pm)
Once again my computer is simply useless: I can't even get it started up without it freezing up on me completely. So, I'll be using the boyfriend's computer when I can while fantasizing about a new, functional machine of my very own; my birthday's coming up pretty soon, so I'm not without hope.


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