I haven't been updating my LJ because my wireless card finally burned out two weeks ago! I've got a new wireless connection now, thankfully. :)

Nothing much happened, although I did discover late in  the third day of my attempt at The Master Cleanser that my stomach is too sensitive for all the lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Honestly, it could have been anything, but all I know is that I spent an hour vomiting and nearly another hour dry heaving in complete misery over the toilet; when I was finally able to safely leave the bathroom all my muscles were sore from the constant, miserable retching. I doubt I'll attempt The Master Cleanser ever again after this experience and I can't recommend it to anyone else after this, either, although I've known people who have done it without experiencing the hell I went through!

One of our room mates is going through a difficult financial period in addition to a very depressive phase, so he's been staying with some other friends and has become completely non-communicative with us. Of course we're very strapped for cash now, but I worry more about our friend and room mate's mental health and about the sort of people with whom he's living right now; I don't know them and I have a feeling that they may not be the best sort of people for him to be around right now, although that in now way means they're bad people. I just really wish he would come home, so we wouldn't have to worry about him, but I know that won't happen until he's worked through whatever demons he's struggling with right now.

I'm gradually coming out of the deep depression I've been in for the last few months, although it briefly became much worse over the last two or three weeks.

We're going to get our taxes done soon so I can hopefully get some government assistance for college.
enduringplum: (Sayuri)
( Aug. 21st, 2006 03:48 pm)
Got to face reality, despite how much it sucks.

Everything seems so convoluted, but I'm going to start sorting it out.
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( Aug. 24th, 2005 08:26 pm)

I'm feeling pretty depressed today, but I shouldn't be surprised since I forgot to take my medicine today. At least the ferrets are out, running around and making a mess, that always cheers me up.

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