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( Mar. 21st, 2007 12:15 am)
Apparently I spoke too soon yesterday evening! I was pleasantly surprised when [profile] triple_phoenix made dinner for everyone!

I really need to bake some more bread soon...

I've been working almost obsessively on my Game Chef entry, which I'm currently called Titanium Hearts; it's a phrase that came to me several years ago and which I very much like, so I'm sure it'll stick. I don't mind that I've been so focused on my game because I have such a limited window during which I can work on it, but I also don't mind because I prefer to focus obsessively on whatever type of work it is I'm doing, whether it's drawing, painting, writing, sculpture, or even just research. I just function more happily that way.

I also function more happily if I can do my thing on my own time, but who doesn't? I suppose if I ever want to ever really be able to indulge my night owlness I'll have to move to Las Vegas; that's the city that never sleeps.
Almost as if he timed it that way, my phone rang as I was stepping out the door this morning to go get my driver's license renewed; it was my dad. So, instead of finally getting my driver's license renewed, I drove over to his house to help him build a simple hutch for his ginormous door desk. I didn't mind, both because it was interesting and because I don't want my dad to do anything to hurt his back. After we did that and moved some of my parent's belongings out of their FEMA trailer, we put together a baby shower gift for Matt and Debbie, then sat around and talked about cooking for a while; since my dad's been out of work while recovering from his second back surgery, he's become quite the gourmand.

I've lost a lot of time I was going to use to finish up my game's character creation system, so I've got to exclusively focus on that tonight. Of course, no one else in this house is willing to lift a spatula to cook anything, so I'll probably have to take some time out to keep us fed. I feel I'm making good progress on my Game Chef entry, although I'm not exactly sure how best to manage my time since this is my first time trying this. I feel confident I'll figure it out and I'm really enjoying working on it! If I stay on schedule, I'll have the character creation system ready for testing by Tuesday night and should be in the process of working out the conflict resolution system. If you're interested in tabletop role playing games and would like to know more about my work in process, go here or feel free to visit the official Game Chef website; the link leads to my contest group and my user name is JackieSixty.

I'm beginning to get extremely upset with our room mate who has moved out for the time being. I feel like he's just dicking us around and avoiding us at this point, although I also know much of that attitude is related to his own mental illness and he is certainly not the only one of us to struggle with mental illness. However, he is treating us unfairly and disrespectfully and the issue must be addressed, because we should not suffer due to his shortsightedness and self pity, especially not when we'd help him if we were given the chance.
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( Mar. 17th, 2007 04:38 pm)
X-posted to [profile] tropics_scars

I'm a little worried that I'm making this all too complex and all-encompassing to get this project done within the time frame, but I've seen phenomenal and wonderfully detailed games come out of this competition before, so I don't want to sell myself --or my idea!-- short.


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