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( Sep. 10th, 2006 09:54 pm)
Received the news below in an e-mail from my mom:

Jeremy Campbell's documentary Hexing A Hurricane is one of the five films nominated for Best American Documentary at the Rome International Film Festival. The film includes interviews with locals as different as Chris Rose, Sallie Ann Glassman, Angela Hill, Garland Robinette and Irvin Mayfield, along with many others. Weekly Beat readers in New York City can see it Thursday, September 7 at the Surge Festival. Others can see it online or get a copy from ten18films.com.
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( Aug. 14th, 2006 12:54 pm)
When we first got back to New Orleans, my sweetie and I were in a documentary filmed by [profile] ten18films. The cut below goes to a brief LJ entry about that documentary (go to [profile] LJ to see the original and the comments made). Jeremy, the director, is a sweet guy who deserves the recognition he's receiving for Hexing a Hurricane, because through it he helped tell our story and the story of our city in what I still feel is a very sensitive, authentic way; I don't think it could have been done by anyone who didn't love New Orleans.

I'm so happy that I just received my latest Bitch in the mail! I feel special, too, because the post office's official line is still that they are not delivering any bulk mail or magazines to New Orleans residents. While reading it I can feel my brain unfurling again and it feels good! I haven't finished reading yet, but so far my favorite article is about a Grace Lee who has done a documentary on a number of other Asian-American women who share her name and the stereotypes that seem to come with it; I'm only half way through the article and I'm already dying to rent the documentary. <br /><br />Speaking of documentaries <u>Hexing&nbsp;a Hurricane</u>, in which I took part, turned out really well and the reaction it received at it's premier was really positive. I'd like to share it with the world, but at the same time I feel shy about sharing it because I play such a big part in it. Despite my reluctance it should still be seen by everyone who doesn't understand what has happened and is still happening down here, because it does a good job of conveying just how much we've lost and how much confusion about Katrina there was and continues to be. Jeremy Campbell, the film's maker, is going to film a follow-up soon.<br /><br /><br />

<br />We're all extremely relieved that&nbsp;<span class="ljuser"><img style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: bottom" height="17" alt="" width="17" src="/stc/fck/editor/plugins/livejournal/userinfo.gif" />SwitchKnives</span> has moved back home after a lot of drama with her current boyfriend (unless she decided not to pursue him after he broke up with her last night via text message). One of her good friends is visiting, one who I think is a good influence on her;&nbsp;<span class="ljuser"><img style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: bottom" height="17" alt="" width="17" src="/stc/fck/editor/plugins/livejournal/userinfo.gif" />Switchknives</span> is a really intelligent, beautiful girl, but she's only seventeen and so is prone to making really stupid decisions. I recall very clearly the many idiotic decisions I made at that age and often wonder how I turned out as well as I have!<br /><br />My COBRA forms recently arrived in the mail, only three months after they should have and two months after the deadline to turn them in had passed. However, I called and received permission to turn them in after the deadline, so my insurance will be reinstated as soon as I pay the back premiums. I can't really afford it since my disability lapsed and I haven't begun received government disability payments yet, but I can't go without insurance because my medication expenses each month are astronomical. I'm doing my best to get everything in order as quickly as possible, but the various disability services systems are not easily navigated and I feel very overwhelmed by our struggle to buy a house and gain entrance to our FEMA trailer. It'll work out eventually; If nothing else I know that in ten years I will not be in this situation, I just have to keep reminding myself of that to keep myself calm and renew my patience.


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