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( Jan. 19th, 2009 11:05 pm)
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We're buying a new dishwasher this week, because we're both just too disgusted with the cheap-ass one that came with the house. The dishes often go in cleaner than they come out and they've begun coming out covered in soap residue, as well, which isn't great for pacifiers, breast pump pieces, bottles, or nipples, obviously. I'm going to get one of the Frigidaire or Maytag models with a sanitizing cycle so I won't have to boil Miranda's pacifiers every week any more.
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( Dec. 7th, 2008 11:14 pm)
Today we got most of the cleaning done that I wasn't able to do over the week, which will make this week a lot easier for me; I feel like my insides are in order when my outsides are in order.

We also got our tree put up! I haven't put the decorations on yet, but I've got the lights up, which are all blue. I was going to put on the bubble lights, but I only found three strings of them, so I'm going to take them back down unless I find more. I've only got one big box of decorations from my mom's attic and I know there's a lot more, but it'll take Carl a few more trips up in to the dark and musty heights to find all of the Xmas decor she's accumulated. I have a small, but nice, collection of gold-plated and crocheted Danish ornaments that are somewhere in our own attic.

Musashi must be feeling better, because he's started to resist me when it comes time to take his medicine and flush out his wound. The disgusting, gaping holes in his neck look somewhat better and all of the obviously dead tissue is gone, so he can really begin healing. He's also starting to show in interest in going outside, but there's no way that's going to happen.

Miranda even napped long enough for me to bake some cookies!
I was a complete emotional wreck last night, although I didn't become totally overwhelmed until Carl forgot to get me a chocolate milk shake when he went to Burger King. I try to recognize when I'm being unreasonable and I didn't do any yelling or throw a tantrum; instead I refused to eat and sobbed on the sofa for thirty minutes, then again for thirty minutes in the shower, after which I proceeded to mope pathetically on the sofa until about two in the morning. I told Carl I wasn't really upset with him, but it's difficult to accept what someone says when their actions seem to say the complete opposite, so I apologized to him this morning when I was finally feeling better.

Thanks to my mom the house is looking really great! She has given us the awesome gift of hiring Rick to work around the house for a week! He's already finished painting our baby's room, priming the bathroom, and he's gotten started painting the kitchen this morning. Yesterday installed a bathroom cabinet above the toilet for us and a medicine cabinet, which has been a huge improvement to our storage space. He also finished mowing and weed-eating our lawn (Carl was mowing it this weekend, but it began raining), so now it just needs to be edged to look as nice as our neighbors' yards. My mom has also been helping me sort through things to give away, put away, or throw away, as well as just general cleaning, because I can only be on my feet for a few minutes at a time before they begin to swell badly; she still makes me crazy when she'll get fixated on a small task I'd rather handle myself, but I do immensely appreciate all the help she's been giving me and also her overall (mostly) helpful and positive attitude.

My mom was sure I'd have the baby last night, on the full moon, but instead my feet, knees, and hands just swelled up a lot and I made myself and Carl miserable. My joints are still sore and I'm still sensitive, but overall I feel much better today.

I have an appointment with Esther tomorrow afternoon, so I'll get to see if my body is making any more useful progress toward labor. I've definitely still been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I haven't felt any more "real" contractions of which I'm aware, so I have no idea when I should expect to deliver.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2008 11:05 am)
We're spending one more night in Memphis and driving back to New Orleans in the morning. Our neighborhood is still without power, but my mom's neighborhood has power so we plan to just stay with my parents until power is back in Gentilly. The best news is that our neighborhood didn't flood! It's a huge relief to actually know that the 17th Street canal breech was properly repaired and can stand the force of a category 3 hurricane.

My dad and JP both checked on our house this morning; JP went by when he went to check on his own house, which is just up the street from us and my dad just drove by because he's my dad. Both report that the house has no damage and doesn't appear to have taken on any water, the pool is clear, and we don't even have any broken windows. The only "damage" to our property is that part of our back gate was blown off the hinges and the side door to the one car garage was blown in.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2008 04:58 pm)
I've been blissfully doing laundry since last night, thanks to Mischa and Carl! Mischa muscled the washer and dryer in and out of their closet and helped Carl connect all the vents and tubes. There are no leaks and the washer and dryer both work beautifully and are actually much nicer than I anticipated; I'm very happy with my Frigidaire stackables!

My mom and I did some running around together today in the hot, hot sun, mainly to pick up food for the shower tomorrow. We got some snacks, meats to grill, and bottled water; hopefully some other people will actually bring other things to contribute, since it is potluck, and I know that at least Triple_Phoenix will be bringing some soft drinks, Jodi will bring something (because she's a good Catholic girl with good, Southern manners), and Cathy is planning to bring some paper goods and home made cookies.

There's so much still to do around the house before tomorrow that I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed, which my mom's visit didn't help (even when she's being nice, she's extremely judgemental and will repeatedly offer unhelpful, unconstructive criticism), although she is coming over later this evening with my dad to help with some things. I haven't been able to vacuum the pool because of how much my feet and knees have been swelling up (standing for long periods seems to be the main problem), so my dad is going to take care of that while Carl mows the lawn, then assemble the grill my mom bought us today. I'm trying to get everything that is still out-of-place (or which doesn't have a place) organized, so that hopefully all my helpers will have to do tomorrow is sweep, mop, clean windows, set up the cooler and grill, and sequester the ferrets and cats in our bedroom.

Carl and I won't be here to help out with the last-minute preparations tomorrow because we've got our childbirth class, to which I'm looking forward. I'm thanking god that he won't have to vacuum the pool in addition to everything else he's doing (at the last minute, admittedly) tonight, because otherwise I think he'd be too worn out to pay attention tomorrow! The ferrets' cage also needs a good scrubbing, because the house is somewhat funky because of it, but that's another thing Carl will have to do, since ferrets have the potential to carry toxoplasmosis.

I sent Conrad home with my mom after she dropped me off and we unpacked the groceries. Hopefully he won't think he's been abandoned; he was perfectly happy to go with her (and kept jumping in the open trunk), but after a few hours he may begin to get panicky and whiny, needy thing that he is.

I have at least gotten a good start on getting things more in order for the party, as a large portion of our mess was our unorganized, mixed-up dirty and clean laundry, and I also got the crib bedding washed and put on the crib, so that's out of the way. What I really want right now is to get off my feet, a nap, and someone to take care of all this crap for me.
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( Aug. 20th, 2008 09:57 pm)
It's great to have my own computer back. Funnily enough, a former co-worker from Borders was the one to repair my computer. He returned fairly recently from two years in Japan, which is where he also got married! I always liked him personally, but found him irritating to work with, but I'm sure plenty of people felt the same way about me, too, and he seems like he's in a job that actually interests him now and which he can enjoy, unlike the bookstore job in retail hell where we met in the first place. I'm not going back to retail unless our circumstances become desperate; I think I would go in to fast food service first and definitely try waitressing before that, despite my questionable ability to balance a tray!

My feet have become very swollen over the last couple of days, probably because I've been so busy. Now that my gallbladder doesn't feel like it's killing me I can't sleep and have to get things done around the house! It must be the "nesting" urge kicking in that everyone talks about.

Our washer and dryer were delivered yesterday, but the cords and vent tube are too short to be installed in our closet, so I have to stop by the hardware store to get longer versions. Mischa has agreed to help Carl muscle the stacked washer and dryer in and out of the closet tomorrow night, so Carl can get behind them and connect everything; even with longer hoses, Carl's the only person slim enough to squeeze in and out of that space.

I will be practically beside myself once I can do laundry without leaving the house!
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( Aug. 16th, 2008 07:19 pm)
Unfortunately it's the logic board, which will have to be replaced. The labor and part will run us about a thousand dollars. The good news is that I should have my computer back by Tuesday, which means I can start rehearsing again and running my life as I normally do, which will be nice; it's amazing how much I've come to rely on my iCalendar!

Our washer and dryer delivery was postponed and should also take place on Tuesday, although I'm not sure what time.

I tore up our bedroom last night in a fit of pregnancy-induced insanity, but because I went nuts in there we were able to organize the office this afternoon. There's still more to be put away, but it looks great and now we both have a real work space. We do still have to put or give away all the junk I tore out of drawers/off of shelves (clothes, antiques, books, wind-up toy mice, you name it) in our bedroom, but now that the office is organized I don't feel panicked that we won't have enough space for the baby, although I do acknowledge and readily admit that was a completely illogical fear, anyway.
I brought my MacBook in to be repaired, but it probably won't be looked at for a few days. I told them to call me to give me a time estimate before they begin working on it, because their hourly rate is ninety-nine dollars, so I obviously can't afford ten hours of work; frankly, even three hours of work will be difficult enough for us to manage right now, especially when we also have to cover the cost of any replacement parts. From now on I'll always buy the extended warranty on any Mac or other laptop I buy - argh! PC desktops are easy enough to fix with the help of my friends or dad. Hopefully the problem with my Mac is just the back light, but according to Misch it could be the LCD, the motherboard, or both. :/

My gallbladder has been much, much better for the past week (although I'm having a bad flare up at the moment), so much so that I've been able to function almost totally normally! It's been nice, because I've been able to get things done around the house (although no heavy lifting) and out and about. I saw the surgeon again a few days ago and he said that as long as there's not another period of extended, severe pain or any fever, I should just get in touch with him six weeks after I deliver; however, if my pain subsides totally after I deliver, then I probably won't contact him unless I have another pain flare later, because I would prefer to completely avoid surgery and there's a slim chance that I won't experience any more trouble from it unless I get pregnant again.

Our washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered and installed tomorrow, which I'm very excited about: it will be so much more convenient to be able to do laundry at home, rather than having to haul it to either my parents' house or the nearby laundromat, then wait there until it's done; however, all that waiting on the laundry did allow me to get a lot of knitting done, so it wasn't all bad.

I finally got in contact with a local WIC office. After calling all the different numbers I found online and in the phone book for the last several months, I finally found an accurate number with staff who answer the phone today, although I had to call a homeless shelter to get that information; the New Orleans government really doesn't make it easy to find the assistance that is supposed to be so readily available to their low income citizens. Today I drove all over town trying to find two WIC office locations that supposedly opened after the hurricane, but which simply don't exist anymore: one address is an empty lot on Tulane Avenue and the other is an empty, boarded-up building. Someone from the office I managed to reach by phone should call me back with an appointment time no later than Monday, but I won't be holding my breath. At least my determination finally put me in touch with someone at a WIC office, which is a step in the right direction!

Birth Plans, Et Cetera )
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( Jul. 3rd, 2008 08:53 am)
It's always very sad to say "farvel" to Bedstemor and I always look forward to my next visit, but I am glad to be home and to have had a good night's sleep in my own bed, beside my husband, with my dog on the floor beside me.

After a long, annoying flight (kid who would not stop drumming/kicking the back of my seat and whose mom could not say "no" to him more than twice; each time he would whine for something the third time, she would give it to him) and the airline losing my baggage, I'm home! I'm waiting for them to deliver my baggage to me, but fortunately I had put some of my clean laundry in my dad's suitcase (to help him cushion a big bottle of mead), so I'm not without underwear.

I'm still exhausted and sore today, so I'm just going to take it easy and maybe do some light cleaning around the house. The swelling in my feet went away, but I had some terrible Charley Horses in each calf last night and my calves are still sore from them this morning.

The house looks mostly great! It just needs a good sweeping, a bit of a dusting, and the counter tops need to be cleaned; I already shined my sink this morning! The yard looks incredible because Carl paid some guys to mow it who happened to already be working in the neighborhood, but they also weed whacked and edged everything.

During breakfast I took care of all the bills and mail that had built up while I was gone, since Carl's not much of a house wife and didn't open any of it. :)

Happily, the pool is still blue! All I'll need to do to it is add more water, slightly adjust the chemicals, clean the filter basket, and backwash the pump.

Conrad, of course, was thrilled beyond belief to see me and, according to Carl, is now able to relax for the first time since Carl got back. The cats are cats, but a couple of them seem to have noticed that I was gone. The ferrets are always happy to see anyone who seems likely to let them out for play time.

Our baby was moving very vigorously last night when I finally got a chance to lay down for the first time since I woke up at four in the morning in Denmark (their time), so Carl finally got to really see how active our baby can be; he seemed sufficiently impressed and amazed. I have an appointment with Esther for ten-forty-five on Tuesday; if anyone would like to join me for some mi doson at the Doson Noodle House afterward, let me know and we can try to make arrangements.
We're leaving for Denmark on Wednesday, June 11th! I've got a million things to do before we leave and not enough time (or energy) to do it all, but I'm sure Carl and I will be able to get almost everything done - I hope!

We're planning to go to dinner at Kanno on Saturday night, as our last meal in America for two and three weeks, respectively. The dollar is so terrible that we certainly won't be eating out much, if at all, while abroad, aside from getting lunch at one of the restaurants in Tivoli Gardens while we're being tourists. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm going to have to find a healthy, tasty Danish snack that travels well for my purse, or we'll be stopping to buy food every hour and a half... do they have string cheese in Denmark?

So, if anyone would like to see us before we go, you can either come over to help clean this weekend or join us for dinner at Kanno! Either is fine, of course, just give me a call to make a plan.

Freak Out )

Update: The kitchen is almost to where I can stand it again. I can live with the other rooms being not completely spotless, but I can't be content unless my kitchen floor is spotless, I can see my reflection in my stovetop and counters, and my sink is shining. I still need to mop, but I'll have to get a real mop first; the Swiffer is great for cleaning every day, but I want to really mop the floor before I leave for three weeks, because I don't think it'll get done while I'm gone.
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( May. 25th, 2008 07:56 pm)
I didn't have time to do any quilting this week, which was extremely irritating, but I just got caught up with everything else... you know how it goes. I did make it to my knitting group, however, and I'm looking forward to going this Wednesday, even if I just continue knitting my zigzag scarf; the meringue yarnis fun to work with.

I had started a baby blanket, but I can't find it since moving; I hadn't completed much of it at all, but it's still on the circular needles, which I really do want to find.

I also can't find my beginner's knitting book, which I want to find because I'd love to make a simple baby sweater or cardigan. I found a pattern on Ravelry that looks pretty simple, but I don't know how to make things like button holes, so I'd love to have the book handy to guide me through those techniques. There's no telling where it is at this point, though. It may be packed in a box somewhere, forgotten somewhere in our former closet at my parent's house, or buried in a stack of books in our office.

I would also like to knit some baby socks, but I think I'll need some devoted instruction from someone knowledgeable about socks. I could be worrying about it too much, but socks just seem tricky. Baby socks might be a project Bedstemor and I can work on while I'm in Denmark for a few weeks; a quilt isn't exactly an easy project to travel with, after all.

I know it's okay to fly in the U.S. with knitting needles, but I'm not so sure what the regulations are like abroad. If anyone has any idea or can point to a website where I can find out more, I would really appreciate it; I can't sleep on those long, international flights, so it would be wonderful to be able to knit while everyone else snores.

Baby Clothes )

Now I've got to put away the baby clothes I've sorted through, freeze my leftover red beans and sausage, and clean out the 'frige; there's a mysterious and slightly funky odor the origin of which I haven't been able to determine, so all the drawers and shelves are going to get a good washing down.
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( Apr. 28th, 2008 02:38 pm)
My tea arrived today! I have two beautiful, big boxes (of smaller boxes) of my favorite raspberry black tea! The Original Ceylon Tea Company also sent along a couple free samples: a box of their 1001 Nights, which I was very interested in trying, and a box of their mango black tea, which I know I'll like if it's even half as good as the mango black tea Bedstemor serves at tea time at her home in Kolding.

Unfortunately our washer and dryer won't be delivered today because the clerk who sold the set to us failed to charge us the delivery and installation fees. If we want them delivered and installed we'll have to go in to the store this evening and get a refund on our original order, then repurchase the washer/dryer set and make sure we are charged all the appropriate extra fees. It's annoying, but it's not like it's the end of the world. On the other hand, we could, I suppose, pick them up and install them ourselves, but I would prefer to have the delivery guys stack them and get everything connected in our narrow wash closet.

More good is that our handyman, Rick, has gotten all the screens on our eaves replaced and secured a couple of our loose gutters. He also hooked up the water line in our refrigerator, so I'll be able to enjoy water and ice from the door soon! I'm probably a little too happy about that, but it's the simple things in life that really matter, isn't it?
It's Anti-Procrastination Day for me! I feel lost and confused when I don't have a To-Do list to guide me through my chores, so I'm getting my routines established for this new home. Of course, those will all change in about five more months, but I'll be better off at that point for having already had them well established.

Pregnancy Stuff )

I found out a couple days a go that a good friend of ours and his wife are due about two months before we are. I suspected they were pregnant when we visited their house around the time of my IUI, because I saw a package of Preggy Pops on the coffee table. They still haven't made any official announcements of which I'm aware, so I won't mention any names, but a few of you know who I'm talking about.
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( Apr. 10th, 2008 11:15 am)
Last night I cooked for the first time on my new stove! It's great to have a giant bowl of my dad's chili in the 'frige. Until last night I hadn't been able to feel truly "full" for a couple of weeks. It's just been difficult for me to get enough to eat, even though I've kept plenty of food in the house; if it weren't for my huge appetite, it would be easy to believe I'm not pregnant, because now that I'm in my second trimester I'm free of the irritating pregnancy symptoms, like tender breasts and "morning" sickness. Honestly, my pregnancy symptoms were reassuring, so I didn't mind them at all, but I am also glad to be over them.

Getting back on topic... Aside from being my favorite comfort food (it's right up there with chocolate pie), my dad's chili is also great for when we're living on a tight budget, because the only expensive ingredient is that ground beef. When money is tight, I just add another handful of rice and cut the amount of beef in half. It's also a fairly forgiving recipe, because last night I accidentally poured in a whole can of diced tomatoes thinking it was my tomato juice and it still turned out great. I also forgot the black olives, but I think Carl might have picked all of those out, anyway.

I can't wait to bake in my new convection oven. It's by Frigidaire, so it wasn't overpriced and I know it will be reliable, but most of all I'm thrilled that it's a true or "pure" convection oven, so I can get rid of hot and cool spots while baking with the touch of a button. I'm thinking molasses cookies and chocolate chips would be nice.

I'm going to reheat some chili on the stove, then bag some up to freeze before I run my errands. Carl's down to his last pair of clean underwear, so I've got to head over to my mom's to do a load of laundry and collect our hanging clothes, which are still hanging around her house. I also need to buy a microwave, because, unlike Carl, I don't think it will irradiate me to reheat meals in one.

Names )
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( Mar. 26th, 2008 09:47 am)
We moved in most of our things on Saturday, with a lot of help from Mischa and Germaine (I can't thank you enough, gentlemen!). We still have a couple pieces of furniture to move and quite a few boxes that are still in storage, but mainly we just need to move all our hanging clothes from my parents' house.

We got television service Monday, internet yesterday, and we ordered our stove and refrigerator last night. Now all we need to do is pick out the right washer and dryer and it'll really feel a lot more like our home! The 'frige should be here Thursday and the stove will arrive in about ten days.

We're having some ridiculous issues with the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board. Although I canceled our water service at Wilton in either late October or early to mid-November in 2005, the S&WB does not believe I ever canceled service and continued to bill us for water service at Wilton until February of this year, which racked up a more than 700 dollar water bill for us. Obviously, we can't afford to pay that and they won't give us water service until we either pay it or complete litigation with them; how they would like us to get water service in between now and the completion of any litigation is beyond me and they offered no solutions. It's this kind of thing that makes people dislike Orleans Parish.

Pregnancy and Life In General )

Our pregnancy isn't a big secret anymore, since I'm less than a week to my second trimester, so everyone should feel free to discuss it with anyone else. Complete strangers will be lucky if they get away from me without having to talk about it! Although I will not thrust creepy ultrasound pictures upon anyone who does not ask to see them.
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 11:09 am)
We're closing on the house tonight!

That means we'll be moving this Saturday, so I hope all our big, strapping friends will be ready and willing by ten on Saturday morning. I will gladly provide the necessary pizza and beer.

On Sunday I plan to seal the grout in the kitchen and dining room floors, so anyone who would like to help out with that tedious job is welcome to show up Sunday morning or give me a call if you need a ride. Again, I'll provide the pizza and other related junk food.
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 10:45 am)
The sellers accepted all our terms and should already be in the process of fixing the issues with the house we noted on the contract, specifically getting the electrical box up to code, restoring power to the two tiny bed rooms, and adding a vent for the dryer; they also have to ensure that the A/C unit will be installed by the time we close, but it can't be installed too early or all the copper may be stolen out of it before we move in. They have ten days to complete all the repairs and then we will re-inspect, but we'll just have my dad (the building and former ship's engineer) take a look at everything and test the electrical.

I've already begun obsessing about all the planting I want to do! There are a few things we'll need to get our wonderful, dynamo handyman to fix before I can start on that, but he works extremely fast and very reliably.

Seed Notes )
Well, we had our inspection and there were, unfortunately, some problems. The only major issue is that a few of the breakers are not wired properly, which could cause power surges, and the two tiny bed rooms do not have any power running to them whatsoever - no lights, no electricity to any of the (many) outlets. Otherwise there were just some minor issues we can fix ourselves or just let slide: the pool light is out, there's a slight gap between the toe boards and the floor, there's a few deep scratches on the wood laminate (which we will eventually replace, anyway) in the living room, the screens on the eaves needs to be replaced, and the pressure gauge on the pool pump needs to be replaced. Hopefully, the electrician who did the wiring for the house will honor his work and repair what was not up-to-code, but even if he won't, if they'll give us a few thousand dollars off I know a very reliable electrician who will give us a good price (his wonderful wife sings with my mom's band).

Of course, the seller could say "Screw it" and refuse to lower the price or fix the electrical issue, in which case we'll have to withdraw our offer. I'm hoping that won't happen and I don't anticipate it happening with a problem that big, but you never can tell.

I didn't take any pictures of the two tiny bedrooms, because they're just smaller versions of the "master" bedroom. Oh, there's also a little one car garage in the back that hasn't been mold remediated yet, but I didn't take any pictures of it because it's nothing spectacular and we'll probably just use it for pool supply storage.

House Pictures - Kinda Large )

It's pretty weird to think that we might actually have our own home again soon. In fact, it's feeling downright surreal and I'm having some trouble wrapping my mind around the concept; we've been homeless for such a long time now and it's strange to think about a new home when we lived at our house on Wilton Drive for so little time.
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( Feb. 28th, 2008 05:40 pm)
We offered, they counter-offered, we accepted. We just may have a home of our own!

I'm going to try to get the inspections done tomorrow; if nothing is amiss, we could close on Saturday.

For this house, we WILL be having a house warming - furniture or no furniture! BYO chair.
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( Jan. 29th, 2008 11:28 pm)
Don't feel quite like they're working properly, well... I should say they are working differently, because I never really feel like my mind functions "normally." I need to paint so much it's making me feel funny.

We're torn between making an offer on the house on Cohn Street and the one on Joliet Street. Each has its pros and cons, both need work; one is in a somewhat better location, the other is much larger with a big corner lot. At this point, we're still looking all over town, but these are the only ones that are even a possibility for us.


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