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( Sep. 8th, 2008 12:19 pm)
We're getting the oil changed in all our cars and talking about possible hotel reservations, but for the moment life is progressing again at least as normally as it ever does for me and my family. The drive back was rough on me in ways that only pregnancy could make it, namely badly swollen feet and legs and a problem I'm sure no one wishes to discuss, but both issues should resolve themselves some time after I deliver. I took a couple days to recover from the drive and my general sleeplessness and got started on evacuation preparations again yesterday, which means just doing laundry, washing out animal dishes and litter boxes, and cleaning the house as I usually would since we haven't completely unpacked.

Carl's car is in the shop to fix a suspension problem that finally reached the breaking point during his drive home, but we'll be taking my dad's truck if we have to evacuate again this week; I just won't do another eight hour drive without cruise control, because of the terrible fluid retention. If the storm shifts to a course that will take it more over Mexico, we may not have to evacuate at all, but if Ike progresses along its currently predicted path we'll still lose power and sewerage services temporarily, which is not a fun way to live, and I just can't trust the canal repairs in my neighborhood because I know exactly how bad it would be if they do ever fail again. Our friends in River Bend only lost power for a number of hours, so if we did stay we could go over there, but I'd still prefer not to risk being left without utilities.

I made an appointment with Esther and/or Cathy for Tuesday, because we may be evacuating by Thursday; I'm really beginning to wonder if I'll be able to have our baby in New Orleans and I think I'll buy a car seat to bring on our evacuation, just in case we have to bring our baby home from a hospital in a strange city. I don't think I'll deliver early, but I like to be prepared.

I'm relieved to be home... even if we do have to evacuate again this week. The situation does bring to mind the slogan, "Save New Orleans! Stop global warming!"
My parents have power back at their place, although I'm still unsure of the sewerage situation, since Jefferson Parish has mentioned so many times that people should not shower or flush toilets. I guess we can go to my house to shower, then go back to my parents' house to enjoy lights and electricity.

Since the power is back on in my parents' neighborhood my mom and I are planning to drive home tonight. She's picking up groceries right now since there aren't many stores open, but I did hear through LJ's Neworleans community that the Robert on Carrollton is open, as is the Walgreens on the opposite corner. If there's no internet at my parents' house and I get desperate for it, I'll go to Germaine's to sign on there for a little while; I know they had internet at least a couple days ago, because I spotted JP on WoW.

I'm not looking forward to the long drive, but it'll be a relief to be back in New Orleans again! Frankly, I'd be happy to sleep in my car, because I'm just so thrilled to have a home to go back to - with or without electricity!
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( Aug. 27th, 2008 10:56 am)
Hurricane Gustav is expected to make landfall near us at one in the morning on Monday; it is expected to be a category 3 hurricane by that time.

It looks like Carl may not be going to Dragon*Con after all, because we may all have to evacuate. I wouldn't be so worried about it if the repairs to the flood gates and canal breeches weren't so questionable, but the fact is that many of them were "repaired" completely inadequately (newspaper is not known for its water tight properties!). Having Hurricane Gustav bearing down on us is depressing and more than a little scary, but we'll get through it by just doing whatever we need to do. I would probably still stay for a little category 1 or 2, but when you get beyond that things really become very dangerous, rather than just potentially dangerous.

I was going to finish the weaving-in of the ends of my Doug's Doctor Who scarf so I could send it up to Dragon*Con with Carl, but it looks like I'll be getting together our evacuation necessities instead; if Katrina taught us nothing else, she taught us what really is necessary when it comes to evacuating, but I'm not enjoying the possibility that we could lose all our possessions and home all over again. If it comes to that, we do, thank goodness, have good insurance.

I'm going to evacuate with as many of our baby gifts, at least the bigger ticket items (like our co-sleeper, "infan-tainment" swing, stroller, and crib bedding) and the totally irreplaceable gifts (the hand knit sweater, socks, and fern frond hat), as I can fit in my trunk, because if the house does flood, I at least want someplace that is something like home for our baby while we go through Recovery Effort 2.0.

Don't get me wrong - I'm hoping it won't come to that! But I have to prepare for the worst, because it's just a part of the way I cope with the unknown. I'm also going to put my best gris-gris on it to keep us safe, but that won't stop me from being practical.




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