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( May. 14th, 2009 09:43 am)
Travel Prep, Baby Stuff, Whining, Etc. )

Well, enough of that.

My garden greens are still delicious, although my Swiss chard has fed a large family of some sort of striped inch worm, and I'm looking forward to eating another big harvest of spicy mustard greens again tonight and knowing that I'll have another healthy harvest to enjoy with I return from Denmark! As long as Carl keeps the plants watered, that is.

The first Lilliput zinnias have popped in to colorful bloom, brightening the front flower bed with their cheerful red, pink, or salmon-colored pompoms. One of my sunflowers has begun to open and I'm interested to see just which type it is- the mammoth, seedy Russian or the unusual chartreuse.

I've got a few nasturtiums popping up where my catnip was and I'm looking forward to adding their slightly spicy, colorful blooms to my salads, a few of which should be ready by the time I get back.

I had a seed tray disaster in the backyard, so all my tiny sprouts are gone, but I have more of most of those seeds, so I'll just start them again when I get back. I don't have any more Love-Lies-Bleeding, but I already have a different amaranth in the front flower bed that I'm going to relocate before I fly out Tuesday morning, so I can enjoy it in place of the Love-Lies-Bleeding. Besides, there's always next spring!
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 01:31 pm)
I can hardly believe this, but Miranda has begun napping in the middle of the day! For the last three days, including today, she has taken at least a two hour nap! Right now she's in the midst of a nearly three hour nap, from which I'm going to wake her in a few moments, because I don't want her staying up too late, either. It's so luxurious to have a few hours to myself in the middle of the day; I've taken a shower, planted seeds, wasted time browsing seeds online, had a leisurely lunch, and cleaned up the kitchen!
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 10:16 am)

Miranda being adorable at Bedstefar's house, February 15th 2009
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( Feb. 5th, 2009 04:46 pm)
1. get dressed to shoes every morning <- harder than it may seem!

2. write a page every day <- this is a work in progress and I'm doing fairly well with it; next month I should make it specifically "write a journal page, page of fiction, or complete a writing exercise everyday"

3. practice yoga twice weekly <- I want to work up slowly to having a daily practice again, but finding the time and making the space are proving to be the biggest obstacles.

4.begin untangling Delgado financial mess <- this will probably take more than a month to complete, but it's got to be done

5. continue making a place for everything and keeping everything in its place <- extremely important for my sanity, especially if Doug ever makes it down here; I'm making good progress on this, so it's just a matter of gradually improving as I go along

6. finish an incomplete knit project <- I've got a bunch of these lying around that I began when I was pregnant

7. get to bed by eleven-thirty every night <- I often stay up looooong after Miranda and Carl have fallen asleep to "finally get things done," as I'm sure many other mothers do, but it's got to stop.

8. put Miranda down for a nap every day <- I don't believe in letting babies "cry it out," so this one is contingent on her mood

Other Things or Oh My God... It's Full of Links )

I'm extremely pleased that Carlos Mencia was removed from Orpheus. I still hurt when I think about Hurricane Katrina and the lingering effects and I remember watching the episode of his terribad show when it first aired, while I was still without a home and still wondering what had become of my loved ones, so I don't want him participating in one of the greatest cultural experiences New Orleans has to offer, at least not in such a prestigious position.

More of Miranda's Little, Constant Changes )
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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:58 pm)
Miranda took a short nap in her crib- in her own room!- today! Perhaps not much to get excited about, but it gave me time to take a shower and sort through some of the clothes I need to discard/give away. Now I'm letting the sweet little thing sleep on my shoulder, which I shouldn't, but I'm just excited that she's taking a nap at all. She's such a sweet baby.

Carl's cooking dinner tonight, so I may attempt to bake (Mo's cookies) afterward. Tomorrow I'm dropping Miranda off at Bedstefar's house so I can get my driver's license updated and apply for a replacement social security card; I like taking Miranda out with me, but the DMV is an infamous hive of scum and villainy, or at least scum and monotony, and I don't think it would be as enriching as a walk to the lake with my parents.
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( Jan. 19th, 2009 11:05 pm)
It's so true )

We're buying a new dishwasher this week, because we're both just too disgusted with the cheap-ass one that came with the house. The dishes often go in cleaner than they come out and they've begun coming out covered in soap residue, as well, which isn't great for pacifiers, breast pump pieces, bottles, or nipples, obviously. I'm going to get one of the Frigidaire or Maytag models with a sanitizing cycle so I won't have to boil Miranda's pacifiers every week any more.
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 12:11 am)
- spent yesterday walking around downtown, trying to get to the LSU Medical Center to get set up with the "yellow card" for free health care for poor folks; as I was walking around in the cold, crisp, bright and dark day I felt like I was looking out through someone else's eyes, not living my own life

- Miranda has her MRI in the morning; I'm not sure what to expect with the anesthesia, but I feel she will be in good hands

- actually made it to my knitting group tonight and got a third of the way done with a scarf for my mom

- my mom is leaving for Germany on Saturday and will be there for fifteen days; I hope to have said scarf done before Saturday

- if I want my gallbladder examined, let alone removed, before sometime in May I will have to suffer another attack and go to the LSU Medical Center ER

- I don't want to suffer another attack

- ferret bowling is still fun and Orbit gives funky kisses
It only took seven years, but I finally feel sure about what I want to do in the way of a career, but it means I need a lot more school, which will be harder (but will probably feel more worthwhile) now that Miss Miranda is a part of our family.

I'm okay with taking my time and my health has been so wonderful since I became pregnant that I feel like I can actually handle motherhood and a light class load. It's really shocking to me how well I've been since conceiving and I've been feeling even better since Miranda was born; a lot of my very annoying PCOS symptoms, especially hirsutism, have become noticeably less pronounced and while I still have joint pain, I don't have the intense muscle pain and overwhelming fatigue I so often had before she was born. I do still have sensitivity to sunlight/heat that will cause me to break out in a bright red rash across my nose and cheeks, but I can certainly live with that, especially since with good health and high energy any depression I might feel finds it difficult to stick around - it's such an amazing change - I haven't felt quite like my self in so long and even my sex drive is returning. I feel like I've experienced a life-changing miracle in more ways than one because of the profound change in the way I feel and I'm afraid of doing something to lose the good health I've suddenly been granted.

I haven't had any bladder pain since early in Miranda's second trimester, which has been wonderful. I'm still careful about what I eat and drink, but not having to feel afraid of taking a piss, for fuck's sake, is more wonderful than I can really explain.

Now if I can just keep my Medicaid insurance I'll be in great shape, because I'll be able to keep up with my medications.

School )
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 10:09 pm)
First Shots )

Otherwise Miranda and I had a good day! We hung out with Catherine, the wife of one of Carl's good friends, and her son Jude, who is about two months older than Miranda. It's great to see Catherine looking so well-rested, because it reassures me that I will be able to sleep a straight eight hours again one day, which will be better for both me and Miranda. Miranda also enjoyed her car rides and then had a nice nap in her swing while I did some cleaning around the house and repotted the kalanchoe Carl bought me for our two year anniversary (which I forgot).

She's just now fallen asleep and I was, to my surprise, able to put her down for a moment, so I'm going to get some laundry folded.
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( Nov. 7th, 2008 05:25 pm)
Miranda Update )

Otherwise Miranda is doing very well. She's grown another inch, she now weighs eight pounds and one-and-a-half ounces, she tracks objects well, and she pushes up with her arms often now and continues to lift her head well. Not to mention all the coos, smiles, and funny grunts she treats us to.
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( Oct. 18th, 2008 01:26 am)
4 Weeks )
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( Oct. 13th, 2008 04:50 pm)
Our WIC appointment went quickly today, which was a nice surprise. We'll be getting more groceries through the WIC program now that Miranda has arrived and because I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I still feel like a total idiot for missing out on the free emergency food stamps offered to evacuees of Hurricane Ike, so this makes me feel a little better about it.

The dragonflies have been floating around in the shifting, afternoon sun lately, reminding me that summer is over. It's finally getting cool and the quality of daylight has changed just enough to make me feel slightly sad, but excited about the cool weather that's on its way.

More Family Pictures )

Miranda is changing everyday, too, and to me the changes seem incredibly dramatic. She's beautiful and a very good baby.
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( Oct. 10th, 2008 09:10 pm)
I finally, finally! got a hair cut after all these months! It's a huge relief not to feel my hair hanging against my neck anymore.

Miranda's Day Out )

My mom came over to help out today and give me a much-needed break, although I'm still exhausted. Miranda was up almost all night long last night, so Carl and I are both worn out and very thankful that my mom came over to cook, clean, and baby sit long enough for me to take a nap!

Speaking of my parents, today is their 27th wedding anniversary!

Breast Feeding and Diapering )
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 11:54 pm)
I'm extremely sleep-deprived, but I'm certainly not complaining; the last two weeks have been wonderful and I'm looking forward to the days and weeks and all the milestones to come with Miranda. So I don't drive those of you who read this totally batty, I will be putting all my Miranda-related posts (of which I'm sure there will be very many!) behind a cut; there's nothing quite so boring as a parent who goes on and on about their children, so I'll let y'all choose when you'd like to be subjected to that sort of thing.

The Doctor, Thrush, and Diapers )
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( Sep. 24th, 2008 01:34 pm)
Here are a few of the pictures my mom took, including one during which I was just waiting to dilate further; at the time I was probably dilated to seven or eight centimeters, which is what is considered the "transitional" phase of most labors, but which was basically painless for me aside from some building pressure in my hips and lower back, which was caused by Miranda moving down the birth canal.

Pictures Behind the Cut )
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( Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:59 pm)
Well, much to my surprise our Pickle arrived at 5:54 in the morning on Friday, September 19th. Her name is Miranda Rose and she was delivered naturally after two hours of pushing. I had just gone in to my midwife for a normal check up only to be told that I was six centimeters dilated without knowing I had been in labor - in fact, I never felt a contraction until my water was broken when I was nine centimeters dilated at three AM Friday morning! After that, my labor picked up considerably and I was able to begin pushing within another hour; it took me a while to figure out how to push correctly, but once my midwife showed me where to push and helped me in to an upright position, things got moving. I didn't tear, although I did have a couple skid marks that my midwife put a stitch in, and I was up and about the same day; the only lingering issue from the labor is some nerve damage to my right hand, which causes it to partially lose feeling and tingle most of the time. Miranda was wonderfully alert immediately after birth, was able to nurse right away, and scored a 9 on both her Apgar tests; at birth she was five pounds and fifteen ounces and nineteen inches long.

We're working on breastfeeding now and its going pretty well, with only one minor set back due to a pacifier she was given by the nursery staff. The setback was worrisome and frustrating, but we seem to have gotten through it, so I'm making pacifiers officially off limits until Miranda is at least six weeks old! My milk came in with a vengeance this morning, so much so that Miranda can't nurse enough to relieve the engorgement, so Carl ran out for a breast pump for me and it's been a great relief. We also took our first family walk today with the stroller, which we kept short because my hips still feel somewhat out-of-whack and I was having some slight dizziness.

I'm going to post some pictures and write out my birth story as soon as I have the time, but right now I'm too sleep deprived and generally busy. We're thrilled and in love and I couldn't be happier with my birth experience.


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