Boz Fest turned out to be completely incredible, so much so that I can't even really begin to describe everything I felt and experienced. Just one night on stage with so many consummate musicians was fantastic, even if I do now have a reputation for being a bit of a diva - heh. It was an amazing experience that I was able to share with those other Boz nuts, who appreciate my mom's music in a way very few people do, so it was just a very special time that I won't soon forget; the energy at each show and gathering was so magical and completely permeated the room! I'm looking forward to doing it again next year and I hope it will become an even bigger event! - it really needs more attention and recognition!

I felt extremely complimented when a musician friend of my mom, Vernell, complimented my voice and when David McCain said to my mom, "Holley, you got the chops, but she's really got it!" Those kinds of things really make me miss Kenneth Raphael and wish I had known Bobby better, but he died of complications from AIDS before I had grown up enough to get to know him well; I know they would have been thrilled for me and also thrilled with my "diva" moment - that is a story my mom has enjoyed telling again and again, although I didn't think anything of it at the time!

I guess I can't ever escape the fact that the New Orleans music community, and the broader one that has grown out of it, is really a part of my family. I'm most at home with those people and their successes mean nearly as much to me as they do for the individuals who are living for them.

Of all the wonderful vocalists who came, I was totally blown away by a woman from Washington DC who can sing notes even lower than my mom! Not only is she another female baritone, but she's just an incredible singer with beautiful tone, pitch, phrasing - all that.

I liked the dark haired girl from The Stolen Sweets and the whistling of one of the other girls, but I did not at all care for the style in which the other two girls sang - it was very nasal, which does allow for good vocal blending, but which is a style I just despise and a mark of poor singing ability in my view. However, The Sweets are a good group that I think will get better with age, especially when they get a little braver with their vocal range and abandon that nasal singing style.
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( Nov. 30th, 2007 11:38 am)
Today marks the beginning of the first annual Bozfest, which is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Connie Boswell's birth.

As you may or may not know, the Boswell Sisters were the most influential trio of female jazz vocalists of their time; Frank Sinatra said "Connie Boswell was, without a doubt, the most widely imitated singer of all time" and Ella Fitzgerald said that Connie Boswell was the only singer she ever tried to imitate.

Numerous Boswell imitators, including New Orleans' own Pfister Sisters, will be performing all over the city this weekend in a tribute to the incomparable Boswell Sisters. Some of the visiting groups include The Stolen Sweets and Shout Sister! Tonight Bozfest will be kicked off with a river cruise and prime rib dinner on the Steamboat Natchez.

For more information and a listing of all the events, please visit the official website:
Sometimes I forget just how awesome punk is, but then I dig up one of my old records. The first sorta-kinda punk I was exposed to was, naturally, Green Day, because it was played on main stream radio. After I fell in love with that band, my mom introduced me to The Ramones, and from them I moved on to their modern counterparts The Riverdales. After the Riverdales, I had a lot of discovery to do... and I still do. I'm not sure what it is about punk, but aside from opera it's the only music that really makes me want to go to a show, although I certainly don't fit in to that scene any more; I think it's that it's just so fun, vibrant, and in-the-moment. I've been going through my flooded-out CDs little by little and rediscovering some albums I haven't even thought about in years, so getting this iPod is turning out to be a deeply rewarding experience on an almost a spiritual level.

Tomorrow morning we're heading out for Dragon Con! I picked up Girls of Riyadh to read on the drive up to Atlanta.
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( Jun. 24th, 2007 11:37 pm)
I find it a little odd that I made my singing debut with the Pfister Sisters during our local Gay Pride weekend, but considering how huge an influence the gay community has been on me throughout my entire life, I suppose it's appropriate.

On Saturday night I sang with the Pfisters at the Children's Museum for a Girl Scouts fund raiser. Most of the people there by the time we went on were drunk, perusing the silent auctions, or both, but we did have a few dedicated listeners, including Leah Chase and two of her friends. After our set, she told my mom I reminded her of Keely Smith, which I appreciate; yes, it does refer to how little Keely moved while on stage, but also to how she just sings her ass off, so I'm taking it strictly as a compliment.

Today's Sunday brunch at the Marigny Brasserie was extremely busy, so it was fairly impossible for anyone to hear a word we were singing. It's a wonderful restaurant that is run by equally wonderful people, but even with a small crowd it is just LOUD in there and because of the gay pride event going on in the park across the way, they were very busy; there's just too many hard surfaces and not a single curtain or sound panel to offer any sort of a buffer.

The first time I had to get up on stage with them, when I still only knew three or four songs, was absolutely the worst. I was horribly nervous, but I warmed up enough after the first song last night to relax. Today, I felt fine and was actually to enjoy myself.

Debbie will be back in town this week, but I'm going to keep learning new songs so I can sub for her or Karen at the Spotted Cat gig, which both of them hate. Debbie just doesn't like it, but Karen's pregnant so the cigarette smell makes her extremely nauseated.

That damn furniture song is probably still the hardest one for me to get right.
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( Jun. 19th, 2007 03:29 pm)
I've learned that a lot of the Boswell and Andrews Sisters' songs that my mom's band does are MUCH harder than they first seem. Especially songs like "We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye" and "Mr. Sandman." We're having another real rehearsal on Thursday, which I will very much appreciate. I've certainly improved since I first began dropping in on their gigs a week or two ago, and I feel much less nervous about singing with a microphone.

The husband and I have expanded our home search to include LaPlace and the surrounding area. We would prefer to live in New Orleans proper, but we must also recognize that we can afford a much nicer, larger, easier-to-insure, etc., property if we move just forty minutes from Bucktown (where my parents live).

Triple_Phoenix and I spent most of the morning and afternoon helping my mom clear the last of her belongings out of her classroom, then we all enjoyed lunch together at the Doson noodle house, which was very yummy. That restaurant must have the best air conditioning in town, because it's always totally frigid inside.

I'm still tracking my basal body temperature (BBT), but I can't decipher any real pattern from it; my temperatures just seem to fluctuate completely randomly from day to day. I have to go back to my doctor on Cycle Day 21 to have a test to determine whether or not I've ovulated during this cycle.
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( May. 28th, 2007 12:14 am)
Sang a few songs with my mom and her band Sunday afternoon at the Marigny Brasserie. We're going to try to get together on Tuesday to practice during the day, then I'll probably go to practice some more with them at their Wednesday Spotted Cat gig. I have to sub for Debbie for a paying gig in the middle of June.

I need to learn about twenty songs by then, but from listening to these songs since I was a baby, I have a pretty intuitive understanding of them, so I don't think it'll be a problem. I might drive everyone around me crazy, because the only way I can learn a new song is by listening to it repeatedly until it seems natural.

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( May. 10th, 2007 03:43 pm)
I'm starting with a couple I don't know as well, because the Pfisters added them to their repertoire after Debbie joined, by which time I wasn't living at home anymore.

"Why Can't You Behave," "It's the Girl," and "Moonlight Serenade" from their latest album.

The others I'm going to focus on I already know fairly well, but I'm not sure how many I should try to cover in time for Wednesday, in case they do need me to sub for someone.

"St. Louis Blues"
"Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day"
"Crazy People"
"We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye"
"I Hate Myself"
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( Jun. 19th, 2006 09:31 pm)
Most of my CDs are still trapped in their moldy, smelly, damp cases and many of them have sort of become one with the liner notes therein. Anyone care to help me clean the rest of them this weekend? I'm dying to listen to my music! Almost all of my favorite songs have been getting stuck in my head lately, but I can't quite remember any of them in their entirety, so I'm getting a little desperate (but not desperate enough to clutter up my hard drive with downloaded music— I just don't do that). So, anyone willing at all? It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it and I'd rather not do it alone. :(

As a side note, I'm doing my best to make [profile] triple_phoenix infamous within my English class.


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