The boil burst even before I brought him in to the vet, but I didn't learn just exactly how horribly wounded he is until after the doctor shaved, lanced, and flushed out the wound. Poor Musashi looks like the victim of a zombie plague; the gaping holes on his neck look like Hollywood horror movie make up! It's truly disgusting, but it's lucky I noticed it when I did, because otherwise he might have become septic.

After spending nearly three hundred dollars at the vet Musashi is going to be taking liquid pain medication once a day, two different antibiotics twice a day, I will be flushing out his wound twice a day with an antibacterial solution, and then spraying the wound with another antiseptic twice a day. In three to four months I need to bring him back in to be tested for FIV.

Needless to say, Musashi will no longer be an outdoor cat; like his namesake, he seeks battle far too frequently!
enduringplum: (Come Hither Gaze)
( Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:53 am)
When we brought Miranda home for the first time, Musashi had injured his right eye and it had become swollen and infected. Well, we got that cleared up and now he has a large, swollen lump behind his left ear. It could be a lot of things, but hopefully it's just a sebacious cyst or another infection, which should clear up with drainage and antibiotics. He's going to the vet again this afternoon, so we'll be able to find out what's going on. If he keeps this up he's going to have to become an inside-only cat, which I know he would hate.

I love my cats, but I'm never going to have this many cats again.
I cannot endure another day without Taco Bell and since I'll have to go out to Harahan for the Bell anyway, I might as well swing by the theatre to see Nacho Libre

Last night when I told Allen* I'd be seeing it with [profile] triple_phoenix he was relieved; he said he'd almost given in to my begging him to see it with me. :(   I don't get him— I thought everyone loved Jack Black! Honestly, I think he's the funniest thing on God's green earth next to Pootie Tang.

Sometime today I'm supposed to see the house I may be moving into with [profile] triple_phoenix and a couple other friends. With five people living there, it may be a little crowded, but having a real bedroom and a real kitchen and a real bathroom will be a huge improvement over the Polly Pocket sized amenities with which I've been living for the last few months; trailer life is not the life for me. 

If we do all move in together the number of pets on the property will be a little daunting (mainly because of me, I must admit), but well under the legal limit! :P I'll be bringing my dog, four cats, and three ferrets; Allen will be bringing his cat, Sterling; [profile] triple_phoenix will be bringing her cat Lily and her bunny; and one of the other roommates will be bringing two dogs, although those will only be staying with us until September, when their owner is supposed to come back to New Orleans. The ferrets will have to continue to live outside and the bunny will have to join them, otherwise I think it would be impossible for the house to avoid smelling like a pet store; it'll be bad enough having three indoor-only cats, but Sunny, Sayuri, and Lily just can't go outside.

It bothers me to look at my Photobucket album because it reminds me that before Hurricane Katrina we had a life! We had a house, garden, pets, things we loved, and a normal routine that was all our own. We went to the grocery store, had friends over, and cooked dinner all according to our own way of doing things. We didn't have to live our life according to what time the FEMA inspector was coming over or what time we had to meet the contractors at our flooded out house! I could fold laundry, sweep and mop, and water the plants when it was best for me. I never worried about where I would do my laundry or if I should just cough up the money to have it done at Soap Opera; I never worried about who would be folding my panties before Hurricane Katrina. So, thanks a lot global warming; thanks a lot Bush administration.


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