"'Who are you?' Mr Jalal stammered. 'Tell me, who are you in this terrible form?'
'I am what you taste in water, I am what you see in air. I am the breath in every flower, I am the life in every creature. I am all living things, I am creation itself. Look at me and see in my body the whole universe.'
A huge mouth opened up and snapped at the air near Mr. Jalal's head. Giant fangs snaked out to blow fire at his face, and Mr. Jalal felt the hairs in both his eyebrows become crisp.
'I encompass the sun gods and the moon gods, the wind gods and the fire-eating gods of the world. I am the aging of time, the beginning and end of the universe. As each day ends, all creatures are destroyed and renewed in me.'
Mr. Jalal saw demons take shape and break free from Vishnu's boundary. The demons bared their teeth at Mr. Jalal before being obscured by the vapors issuing from their nostrils.
'Where did you come from?' Mr. Jalal asked, his voice trembling.
'Forever have I been here, and forever shall I remain — I am everywhere and everything all at once. In every living thing of every living thing you shall find me. Lucky are those to whom I show myself, for it is not through penance or rituals that you will see me.'
The heads multiplied, and were now now craning their long necks to surround Mr. Jalal and stare at him from all directions. A steady stream of gods and ghosts and demons were passing from mouth to open mouth, undaunted by the skulls and mangled bodies dangling between the teeth. The air was so heavy with heat that Mr. Jalal felt the inside of his chest was on fire.
'What do you want from me?' he wheezed."

Faith and Comfort )

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( Oct. 31st, 2003 03:59 pm)
I could never be prepared for the family-oriented holidays of Thanksgiving and Yule (also known as "Christmas") if not for the fun, morbid, and sometimes drunken festivities of Samhain (also known as "Halloween"). Samhain and Mardi Gras are definitely my favorite holidays, probably just because they give me an excuse to dress up in costumes!


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