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( May. 2nd, 2007 01:32 am)
"The conflict over abortion has no bottom -- no matter how deep you dig, there's no place both sides can come together and recognize one another's humanity. In part, that's because of the biology: in an unwanted pregnancy, the woman's interest is for the fetus to cease to exist entirely, while the fetus' presumed interest is for the woman to endure weeks of sickness and unwelcome bodily transformation, followed by many hours of incredible pain... followed by years of hard work, emotional strain, expense, and responsibility. As long as you have people eager to speak on behalf of a fetus as if it was a whole person, those are some seriously irreconcilable differences."

It turns out the hard-core anti-choice folks don't actually care so much about preventing fetal suffering..."

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( Sep. 24th, 2003 02:21 pm)
I love piercings and I can't go for more than six months before I start to crave a new one, but with my current money situation (all of the money I have is going straight to my ferrets' health problems) I can't afford the nipple piercings I want and my health problems prevent me from getting any genital piercings, I just don't want doctor's asking me about the metal jammed through flesh down there (doctor's are usually idiotically conservative about things like that!); in light of those circumstances I'm considering having my navel pierced for a second time, this time on the bottom-- an inverse navel piercing. I've never seen one firsthand, but I have seen a lot of pictures and I think they look really pretty. Granted, I wouldn't be able to wear belly shields in either my top or bottom piercing if I have it done, but I think belly shields look stupid anyway.

In other news... it looks like Orbit isn't going to need any more medical attention for his gross butt disorder, but I'll still need to keep an eye on it. Yuck.
Veil, however, is another problem entirely, she'll probably need surgery but right now she's too small to undergo surgery without great risk of death, so I'll be putting her on a very rich diet starting today.
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( Aug. 26th, 2003 08:54 pm)
Last night I went to Laser Tag with Carl, Triple_Phoenix, and her little sister, Switchknives. Once there we met of with the usual gang of suspects, TheUglyKnight, The Twins, Andre, and the rest of those nerds and freaks. I was surprised that Carl's little sister and her best friend weren't there; I always enjoy playing with them.
Unfortunately because of my illness I can't engage in any sports activities as energetically as I like to, Laser Tag is no exception. I was previously such a good Laser Tag player and such a pooular person at the arena that I was called "Laser Tag's Sweetheart," which I didn't mind at all. I'm not accustomed to so much inactivity and I find it really frustrating! No Yoga, no martial arts! In fact, sometimes I'm in so much pain that I can barely walk around. I guess I'm lucky that I love to read as much as I do.
Speaking of reading, my book group and I are reading my first selection, Egalia's Daughters, a feminist satire. So far, TheUglyKnight, the only male member of our intimate, little reader's circle, is having a hard time getting past the awareness that it is feminist writing, which is making it difficult for him to objectively understand and enjoy Egalia's Daughters, but I'm sure we'll talk all about that on our next meeting on the last Sunday of September.
A coworker of Carl's best friend, G-, is giving me a kitten that she found. Since I already have so many pets I wouldn't usually adopt a new one so readily, but G-'s manager already had the kitten spayed, dewormed, and given all of her shots, so I won't need to pay the expense myself. Besides, my cat, Musashi, needs a friend and I think the little ginger cat will be a good companion for him; Now I only need to come up with a name for her.
On Sunday the 12th I received my first profesionally inked tattoo! It was a great experience and I couldn't be more pleased with the design; it's the Imperial Cog (like from Star Wars), but it's an inverted image, so that the cog is actually my skin with the ink forming the image around it. It's truly a geeky tattoo, but it's also very sexy and pretty hardcore.
While Allen*, Anne* and I were driving to Crescent City Tattoo Company I wasn't nervous at all, later while I was waiting for Travis, the tattooist, to prepare his workstation I wasn't nervous, but the moment I climbed into the chair, my back to Travis so that he could start his work, it flashed through my mind so quickly that I almost didn't think it "I can't believe I'm doing this! I should leave," and then, rather sternly "What the hell am I worried about, I can't chicken out now!" As soon as Travis actually put the needle to my skin all my fears were erased, it hurt, but it wasn't so bad that I won't get another tattoo, in fact I actually found the sensation quite enjoyable.
I want to return for my second tattoo in November, three months from now and then my third tattoo three months from November, in February. The length of time is very important to me as is the number of tattoos I'm having placed on my back-- mystical Number Three; it's a very holy number, very feminine and mysterious. The symbolism of my tattoos is extremely important to me as well, even though they can also be easily explained superficially to strangers, the deeper meaning I have only divulged to my closest friends.

The next Sunday, the 18th, was inventory night at the big bookstore at which I work. Being a member of the inventory team means that I absolutely had to be there from nine o'clock at night till four in the morning. I didn't mind at all, because I prefer sleeping during the day and I'm just always much more alert and energetic at night, but it was very tedious and exhausting work-- counting books and CDs, making price lists of special ordered books and multimedia (CDs and DVDs) and the completing the additional paperwork involved in that. At least I know that my immediate supervisor and the General Manager have a lot of faith in me, they did assign me several of the most difficult and important tasks; it made me feel special and valued (I guess that's good management), now if only they'd pay me more...

On Tuesday the 19th I had my first doctor's appointment at the LSU/New Orleans Ob/Gyn clinic, the place for girls like me who are poor and without insurance! The waiting was miserable, but I do have faith in my new, and extremely beautiful, doctor. Dr. Leslie* was very, very thourough, however she wants to avoid surgery and just treat my pain using Alesse, a type of birth control pill, which is not a method with which I'm comfortable. Since there is no other way to diagnose me I would much rather undergo surgery so that I can know if I have endometriosis like my doctor's suspect, or ovarian cancer for which I am at high risk because it runs in my family on both sides. Not knowing has been very stressful for me, almost as stressful as the nearly constant, often extremely severe abdominal pain I suffer. The next time I see Dr. Leslie* I will insist on the laparoscopic surgery, what else can I do?


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