I'm feeling much more ready to purge my closet than I was the last time I made the attempt. Last time I hung on to way too much, because I just wouldn't have had more than four everyday outfits if I'd given it all away, but I have to accept that I must buy new clothes that fit me!

I'm going to get rid of everything that doesn't fit within one size, up or down, of my current post-pregnancy body; maternity clothes will go in to the attic for three or four years and if I don't get pregnant (or have not yet begun further fertility treatments) within that time, then they can go to the Goodwill (or a needy pregnant woman), too.

I'm happy to report I can actually jam my wedding ring on to my finger, although I can't yet wear both rings again. Progress!

I'm feeling much better and never have needed to take the pain medication I was prescribed, which is a good thing, because I never bothered to get the prescription filled.

I can stand up straight again and I'm not having much pain from walking, although I do still need to remind myself not to over-do it. I miss being able to care for Miranda as I normally would and I very much miss having her here during the day, but I know that I really should avoid lifting her.

Eating is still weird, but getting better. I'm not getting that sensation of incredible pressure from just a few bites of food any more, which is great.


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