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([personal profile] enduringplum May. 8th, 2009 11:04 am)
I'd like to be able to walk to more places in my neighborhood. I can walk to the pharmacy and the grocery store, but I never walk to the grocery store because I always come home with too much to carry in just a bag - I need to start making smaller, more frequent trips. There are plenty of restaurants in my neighborhood that are pretty good - the fried oyster po-boys at the daiquiri shop are delish!- and I could go to school in the neighborhood if I can get together the money for UNO, to which I could easily walk or bike! I don't believe they have an ASL program, but I should investigate it, especially if I can get any grant money for school - that's something else to investigate. Of course, I have to really decide if I want to go back to school at all, because I'm not entirely sure I do, but I do feel that I will remain unsatisfied with my current level of education until I get a degree... but I digress!

I think that the "walkability" of one's neighborhood is very important and, if it weren't for the yearly threat of hurricanes, which so often require us to evacuate, I would more seriously consider becoming a one car family. I checked out my neighborhood's walk score on www.walkscore.com and it only got a measly forty-five, about halfway between great and terrible, which is only a little worse than I thought.

Part of the gradual "greening" (I really am ambivalent about that term!) is eliminating plastic from my life, changing the way I think about the purchases I make, making/growing more at home, and reducing other forms of waste, like wasted fuel, which means less driving and more walking. Plus walking's good for you and I could certainly use the exercise.

Reducing our impact on our environment is a way to be good to the planet, which is a way to be good to ourselves and future generations. If you're interested in improving public transportation, I suggest you check out the gossip about the 2009 Transportation Bill; here's a petition if you'd like to get involved, but don't have the time to do it on more personal level: http://www.walkscore.com/transportation-bill.shtml
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