Day one went pretty much fine; I didn't even feel hungry! 

Today is quite different: I'm almost gagging every time I try to drink the lemonade mixture, although I didn't mind the taste at first yesterday, and I'm feeling very hot and weak; the weakness is probably because I haven't been able to force myself to drink as much of the lemonade as I'm supposed to, so I should probably try switching to limeade, which is supposed to taste much better. I got some staws from the Danny & Clyde's down the street, so I'm sucking a glass of lemonade down through that and it really does help minimize the unappealing taste. I'll probably feel better after I get a couple servings of the lemonade down.

If I'm not able to ingest enough calories to keep myself from feeling weak and shakey, I will have to end this cleanse early, but I always knew that was a possibility so I'm not upset about it. If I do have to end it early, I will just try it again at some later time when I'll probably have greater success.

Apparently the first three days of a cleanse are the worst, so I'm going to try to stick it till at least Monday, which will be my fourth day. If I can get passed that, I will probably be able to finish it.

 I actually dreamed about food last night, which is something I've never done. I dreamed that I went over to my mom's house and she and I made a pizza on a whole wheat crust with plenty of mozzarella and white cheddar, bell peppers, and mushrooms on it. Of course, I also had a dream that the husband and I decided to move to Canada and try to become citizens.
Last night I drank my first cup of laxative tea, which I made weakly; I'm using Traditional Medicinals Chocolate Smooth Move tea, which is surprisingly delicious! Today I did my first salt water flush, which wasn't as bad as I expected, but I wasn't able to finish the recommended amount. Rather than tasting strongly salty like sea water, it was more like a salty soup broth. I'll try the salt water flush again tomorrow morning, but if I can't get through the entire amount I'll drink a cup of the laxative tea instead, which according to The Master Cleanser is an acceptable substitution for those who can't drink the salt water.

I think I made the lemonade mixture with a little too much maple syrup, although I followed the directions closely. I think it may be that I have just become used to not eating many sweets because of my insulin resistance, so the maple flavor seems overwhelming. I also haven't even finished drinking half the recommended amount one is instructed to consume in a day, but I'm just not used to taking so much fluid in a day. Usually I'll have a cup of coffee in the morning before breakfast, then juice with my breakfast, and nothing else to drink besides a few sips of water throughout the day. I think that's normal for most people, but I could be wrong. I definitely need to buy some straws to make consuming all this liquid easier for me.

I've only felt hungry a couple times today and I haven't felt weak or shaky at all, which surprises me; I do want to eat— I can't deny the desire to eat— but I am not actually hungry. My tongue feels slimy and I constantly feel the urge to spit, but usually a few sips from my bottle of water eliminates that sensation. I'm also having a bit of a sore throat, but that's probably just because I've caught the cold all of my room mates have had.

Don't read the cut below if you're easily grossed-out. :) Read more... )
For the last few years I've considered doing the ten day Master Cleanser fast, which is also known as "The Lemonade Diet," but I've avoided it for multiple reasons: I am a health conscious person, but The Master Cleanser always seemed like an extreme diet for aged hippies and the book has a very strong religious theme, not to mention that I've always been taught that "starvation diets" will inevitably lead one to become even fatter and unhealthier than they were before in the long run. However, when I spoke to my endocrinologist about it three years ago he was not opposed to me trying the fast since I am not diabetic, but insulin resistant, as long as I was careful to follow the directions and to contact him if I encountered any unusual side effects.

I'm not interested in doing it for weight loss, but if that's a side effect I certainly won't complain; I gained more weight after Hurricane Katrina than I thought I ever would and am now much heavier than I would like to be for my five-foot-three, but admittedly big-boned frame. I really want to do it because I've read so many accounts of different people with both yeast problems and insulin resistance finding relief after successfully completing a ten day regimen of The Master Cleanser fast.

The Master Cleanser is certainly not a "diet" in the way that most people mean the word. Rather it is a fast intended to flush the body of the toxins which have built up in it over time with a plan for a gradual return to a diet of solid foods, which should be a more healthy diet than the participant must have had previously. I will admit that I don't know how much science or pseudo-science went in to creating The Master Cleanser regimen, but after everything I've read --both positive and negative-- I am willing to try it. Of course, if anything seems unusually wrong with me I will discontinue the program, but I will hopefully be able to stick with it for the recommended ten day duration and see some positive results.

Overall, I'm looking forward to doing this and I really hope it works out well for me, but I'm also not willing to endanger my health at all so I'll stop if it seems like that is what's happening. I'm clear about my reasons for doing this, so I'm confident I'll have the tenacity to stick it out till the end. Of course, we'll see if I'm still saying that when my friends all decide to go get sushi now that our sushi place is open again after being closed for nearly a month (the owners took a trip to Japan!)!! D:


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