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( Apr. 7th, 2009 01:40 pm)
Okay, I just watched the infomercial for the JumpSnap "ropeless jump rope" and I have to say it's not entirely as absurd as it at first sounds, but I won't be getting one for forty dollars. I just can't see myself using a pretend jump rope, even if it can be used in tight spaces, unlike a traditional jump rope! However, it has gotten me thinking that maybe I should jump rope again, because I used to enjoy it, but I should probably get back in to regular yoga practice again first.

I'm really not looking forward to wrestling with Delgado over this financial issue and I have a terrible feeling that we will have to pay the money Delgado is convinced we owe. I should have dealt with this initially when I still had the paperwork that proved that they should have reimbursed me, but you know what they say about wishing in one hand... I'm just going to have to grit my teeth, possibly consult a lawyer, and get it over.
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( Dec. 10th, 2007 12:05 pm)
If nothing else, this drawing class has got me drawing again and rebuilding my confidence at tackling my subjects on the scale and with the amount of detail I enjoy. Behind the cut are two self portraits, one done in about forty minutes on December fifth and another done in around two hours on December ninth.

Self Portraits )

Much of the difference between the two drawings has to do with confidence level: the first one is the first portrait I've done since some time in 2002, but it also has to do with pain level; on the fifth I was having a lot of fatigue, pain, and muscle burning, but I felt pretty good yesterday, so I was able to sit for much longer and observe myself better. When I look at the second self portrait, I can still see the errors, but I also recognize them as errors I could have avoided if I had taken a moment to step back from my work and observe it from a distance, so they don't bother me too much. The first self portrait is so inferior to most of the work I do that it's not even really worth noting the problems in it, but it did serve to make me want to do a better job on the next portrait, if nothing else - I think of it as a warm up.
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( Jul. 13th, 2007 03:18 pm)
I'm so excited and so thankful! My parents have very generously bought me a 17" MacBook Pro, as well as the software I'll need for the classes I'm taking in autumn. Depending on what size grants I receive (if I receive any), I may be able to repay them at least some of the cost of the computer and software, but by allowing them to buy it for me I am able to have the materials I need for my classes before they begin, which is just one more worry off my mind. My mom is keeping the free printer that comes with it because I really need something nicer and because I do not need any printer immediately.

This weekend Carl and I are doing our taxes that are overdue from the last two years specifically so I can finish filling out my applications for financial aid.

Along with the computer, I also got an iPod, but Carl and I are paying for that ourselves. We just bought it with the computer because that way we will be able to receive a 150 dollar rebate on it just as soon as it gets here and we can mail in all the proper UPCs. Because I want to rip as many of my flood-damaged CDs to it as possible, I chose the iPod capable of storing up to 20,000 songs.

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